Friday 17 August 2018



We all wish to have a thicker and healthier hair. But we don't make time for maintaining it properly. This is the main reason for hairfall or hairloss. To come out of this problem Best Hair Specialist In Madurai gives solution and tips to maintain our hair. Our hair is a filament of protein which grows from follicles. Keratin is the major fact for hair growth. If our hair keratin loses its capacity to make hair grow, then that hair falls. We people have a wish to do different types of hairstyle in different cultures, that to most commonly teen girls have an attitude to do hairstyles differently and daily. We also have different colors of hair naturally.

Black, Brown are the common hair colors upto the age of 50 (approx). Mostly grey or white hair is shown to the aged people. This color change is because, the melanin has stopped its function. Now-a-days teens having grey or white hairs in such early stages. This is due to some Vitamin deficiency or may also occur due to genes. Human hair may be straight hair, curly hair or a wavy hair. Straight hair are common to Asian womens. We do different styles in hair but ending in hair fall. Different hairstyles is not the only reason for hairfall, many other factors like emotional stress, physical stress, food habits, changes in seasons, pollution can cause our hair to get damage and make it fall.

As we grow older, our hair production will stop gradually. Because the hair follicles stops to produce new hairs, so the remaining hair will become thinner when days go. This also can cause baldness which is common to both men and women. If our hair starts to fall, we start to do home remedies to stop it. But we can't find a permanent solution to stop hair fall. What shall we do to stop hair damage or hair fall?. We should consult a Hair Specialist who will diagnose correctly and gives treatment for our hair porblem. Dr. Adityan, who is a specialist in providing best solutions for hair problems.

He is the number one and Best Hair Specialist In Madurai, who gives treatment accurately and give a personalised care for all people at an affordable cost. He has many credentials in the field of dermatology and has an experience of more than 36 years. He gives advanced treatment using high end equipments. So, it is the right time to book appointment @ 7373 163 000 to get permanent cure for all hair problems. Contact them for queries @ 8111 000 000 or 7373 140 000 or 7373 141 111. To view more, visit

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