Sunday 23 September 2018

No Worry About Hair Fall Problems - Visit Adityan Skin And Hair Laser Centre For Healthy Hair Growth

No Worry About Hair Fall Problems - Visit Adityan Skin And Hair Laser Centre For Healthy Hair Growth

Hello people of Madurai! Nowadays, everyone is suffered by hair problem. It doesn't matter they are male or female. The major causes for hair problems are stress, polution, heat, diet, chemicals products, being unclean, fungal infection etc., Everyone has a question how to solve my hair problem? There are many remedies to solve the hair problem. But it works only depends upon your problem's condition. So the better solution is that you have to consult a dermatologist. Are you in doubt where would I find the Best Hair Specialist In Madurai? I'll give you the answer. Dr.Adityan is the top most hair speciallist in Madurai. Before that let we know about some common hair problems.

1)Hair Loss/Hair Fall

      The major hair problem among both men and women is hair loss/hair fall. A normal person has 5 million hairs. Normally, 
50-100 hairs will shed per day. If the amount of shedding hairs increased, it will lead to hair loss/hair fall. 

2) Split Ends
 Split ends is caused by the lack of moisture in the hair. Chemicals, Blow dryers, over brushing hair and straighters 
are lead to the split ends.

3) Dandruff

Dandruff is a scaly thing that cling in your scalp because of fungal infection, poor diet, pollution or a sluggish 

4) Dry Hair

       lack of moisture oil and natural oil, Over-Use of Heat Styling Tools, Using the Wrong Hair Care Products, Excessive 
Hair Washing, Over-Use of Hair Dyes and Bleaches and Environmental Factors like exposure of wind, sun and dry air are the 
causes for dry hair.

5) Frizzy Hair

      This occurs because of the decrease of the moisture level of the hair below of normal level. 

6) Gray Hair

      Lack of melonin, the color pigment of the hair which is in the root of the hair, is caused for gray hair.

7) Oily/Greasy Hair

      It is caused by the excess amount of natural oil called sebum is produced by the scalp.

8) Baldness

      It is mostly occurs in men. In some rare case, it occurs in women. Too much of hairfall leads to baldness.

In Adityan skin and hair clinic - Best Hair Specialist In Madurai they give treatment for all your hair problems. They will diagnose the root cause for your hair problem accurately and give the relevant treatment. They not only give the treatment for hair problems but also they give treatment for skin problems like, Acne/Pimples, Psoriasis and other skin diseases. They also give treatment for removing unwanted hair and tattoo removing. They have highly advanced and latest equipments like Derma Roller, Tattoo removal machine and Diode laser tattoo removal machine. 

For more details contact us on  73731 63000.

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