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Hello people, Our hair is a simple structure with many important social functioning. As we know our hair is made up of a tough protein called keratin. Hair Growth Treatment Madurai says each hair is anchored into the skin with the help of hair follicles which has the base as hair bulb. This hair bulb divides the livings to make hair shaft grow. Blood vessels give the needed nourishment and deliver hormones that are important for hair growth and also for its structure. Our hair growth cycle consists of three phases, namely Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Anagen is the growth phase of hair, Catagen is the transition phase of hair, and Telogen is the resting phase of hair.

Our hair can grow at any given time but most of our hair grows in the anagen phase itself. Also, each hair spends many years in this phase. In the next phase, our hair growth becomes slow and our hair follicle starts to shrink. So we can't find a normal hair growth. The next phase is the resting phase of hair where after few months our hair stops to grow. Now the old hair starts to fall from the hair follicle. After pushing the old hair completely, new hair starts to grow and the cycle goes on. But we people are unique in our way. Likewise, the hair growth and hair fall depend on our health condition and the way we maintain our hair. Each people have a different rate of hair growth with an average of one and a half inch per month. So, for healthy hair growth, we need to do some home remedies.

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