Tuesday 1 January 2019

5 Good Ways To Stop Your Hair Loss [No More Hair Balding]

5 Good Ways To Stop Your Hair Loss [No More Hair Balding]

Have you ever noticed the growth of your hair? Usually, Our scalp hair growth occurs between the ages of 15 and 30. but it declines exactly between 50 and 60. This Scalp hair grows faster in women than men. Average count of Daily shed Hairs is 50 – 80. If your hair sheds beyond this estimated count then it means you are facing Hair loss Issue. Eyebrow hair and Eyelashes are replaced every 5 months. Life of a Hair is 2 to 4 years approximately. Hair Balding occurs when you face too much of hair loss in a short span of time.

How To Control Hair Balding? Baldness Treatment Madurai gives 5 effective ways to stop hair fall. They are:

1. Eat Healthy food, follow a proper diet.
2. Stop staying Up late night.
3. Analyse the Cause of your Hair Loss Problem and take action accordingly.
4. Maintenance is must essential.
5. Take care of Your health.

1. Eat Healthy food, Follow a proper diet:

            Eating healthy food like vegetables, fruits, avoiding junk foods increase the essential nutrients of your body improve high which in turn help boosting the hair growth.

2. Stop Staying Up late night:

            Staying up late night increases the body heat and it increases the body heat which results in Hair shedding in large amount.

3. Analyse the Cause:

             Analyse the cause of your Hair Loss problem with a trichologist’s help and follow his advice and take treatment to regain your hair.

4. Maintenance is must essential:

              Nourish your hair. Don't use the hair products that are harmful to your hair. Don't go for Hairstyling, Hair Colouring and other things which garbage hazardous chemicals on your hair that is the major reason for Hair loss.

5. Take care of Your health:

              For somebody, Hair Baldness occurs due to taking high effective medications for the health issue. Once your health is down the first symptom you may see is Hair loss. So, taking good care of your health will help you not facing Hair loss problem.
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