Wednesday 6 February 2019

Treat Your Skin With Utmost Care And Respect

Treat Your Skin With Utmost Care And Respect


Hello Everyone... Today In this Post Let us see How Skin Plays a vital role in our body functions, the importance of it and how safe it should be handled in detail. Skin is the Largest organ of our body and it has Three layers.

1. Epidermis - This is the outer layer of the skin which acts as a waterproof barrier and creates our skin tone.
2. Dermis    - Lies beneath the Epidermis have tough connection tissue, hair follicles and sweat glands
3. HyperDermis - Lies beneath the Dermis which has subcutaneous fat and connective tissue.

The skin’s colour is based on the special cells known as melanocytes. They are present in the EpiDermis.

Importance of Skin:

Skin plays a crucial role in providing an airtight, watertight and flexible barrier between the outside world and the systems of the body.

It also helps in vitamin production, temparature maintenance, Immune defence and sensation.

Everyone tries to get clearer, healthier, younger, fresher and glowing skin. So skin is much cared for by the people since it plays a major role in beauty and appearance as well.

According to a recent study, there are 3000 potential problems with skin disorder says Dr.Adityan, the Best Skin Specialist In Madurai.
Dr.Adityan of Adityan Skin and Hair Laser Centre says the basic regime of daily protection from Harsh sun rays, UV radiation, maintaining it based on the weather condition, Using moisturisers, sunscreens would give noticeable results. So one should look after the skin with the utmost care and respect in order to have a healthier, young looking face Using USFDA approved medicines. Dr.Adityan of Adityan skin and hair laser Hospital has changed the term from Pimple Care to Pimple Cure. Dr.Adityan is a good medal dermatologist and he could solve any skin issues by his 15 years of experience. He runs the hospital with state of the art equipment and advanced technologies to ease the patient avoid suffering from pain during and after the treatment. Please click on this link to surf more about the Best Skin Specialist In Madurai. Call @ 73 73 163 000 to book your appointment.

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