Tuesday 16 April 2019

Is Lesions Cause A Infection In Your Skin?

Greetings friends, have you heard the term skin afflictions? It is nothing but the acne caused in your skin which makes your skin dry and itchy. It makes your skin dry by making irregular patches in your skin. Ok, guys let us get into the unfamiliar topic of your skin problems (i.e) the lesions. Have you heard about this term lesions? The most common skin infection is the lesions and some of them may be from your birth. The lesions which occur from the birthmark are nothing but the moles in your skin. If you feel any irritation in your skin then you can approach Best Skin specialist in Madurai and the dermatologist at this clinic would help you for sure.

There are two types of lesions and they are the primary lesions and the secondary lesions.

Primary Lesions:
Primary lesions appear to you as an indication of the disease in your body, that means you would be able to know if you are affected by any disease just by the condition of your skin.

Secondary Lesions:
Secondary lesions come from the primary lesions and it is said to be of a serious type, for example, the secondary lesions like the scales and ulcer come from the primary lesions.

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