Saturday 20 April 2019

Maintain Healthy Hair With The Help of Best Hair Specialist

Hello! friends, nice to meet you all again. In this blog let us know how to maintain a healthy skin. Do you all know the chemical composition of hair? Here it is, Carbon contains 50.56%, Hydrogen contains 6.38%, Nitrogen contains 17.14%, Sulphur contains 5.00%, Oxygen contains 20.85%. The chemical composition of hair varies with the color of hair. The growth of hair is always greater between the age 20 to 30. Mostly hairfall problem arises in the teen age group. For best treatment to cure hairfall permanently contact Best Hair Specialist In Madurai.

Experts say poor circulation of blood, poor hygiene and improper diet are some of the causes of dandruff. Dandruff is considered to be serious infections in hair. Medical treatment is advisable for this condition. If you have slightest sign of dandruff immediately contact Best Hair Specialist In Madurai for treatments. For more tips to maintain healthy hair visit


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