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Our major problem is Beauty without Healthy Skin we are not able to survive here. So we have to take care for our skin healthy.

Why this hell happening for us?

  In this Chemical world, we people are addicted to junk foods.

  And We are not taking care for our skin Properly. So we may face these type of issues.

  We have to be safe when we eat junk foods.

  It causes Skin disease. so we have to make a note of it.

  In our Day to day life maintaining healthy skin is very important. We have to keep our skin clean and safe from dust particles.

 So without any chemicals we have to keep our face clean.

How it's possible without chemical products?

  Here comes Dr Adityan-Best Dermatologist In Madurai, gives you a few tips to keep your skin healthy!

Just to make you sure that they will take care of your skin.

Nowadays we are engagged with lots of commitments and so we are not able to a-lot any time to keep our skin healthy. So we should try to wash our face twice or thrice a day.

Tips To Avoid Healthy Skin

 We should wash our face in every morning,evening and night.

 we should remove our makeup when we go to sleep.

 we should avoid using chemical products.

 we should not wash our face in cold or hot water.

best hospital for skin treatment

Here comes Adityan Skin Clinic and they will always teach patients how to cleanse your faces in an busy schedule.,

Fingers are not enough to wash our face and then if we do so our face won't get clean. When we use fingers it can't exfoliate and besides, Bacteria will affect our face under fingernails.

To avoid this issue we have to use cotton pads or fresh cloth to clean our face evey time. And then the important thing is that keep this cloth for your personal use.

Don't scrub your face hardly, scrub it Gently!

Be concentrate when you scrub around nose and on the neck, because sometimes it will produce blood....

Use lukewarm water, not hot or cold water to wash your face.

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