Monday 24 April 2017

Acne Treatment That Works? Try Laser Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment That Works? Try Laser Acne Treatment

One of the hardest struggles we go through can be during our teens; this is the time of our lives where our skin can break out with spots and zits. You can treat acne in many different ways and using lasers to treat problem skin is an affordable acne treatment that works. Other ways to treat acne include prescribed topical creams, oral antibiotics or clinical dermatological treatments. Adityan Skin Care Clinic, Best Skin Hospital In Madurai provides the best treatment for All type of skin issues. 

Laser treatment is surprisingly simple and effective and there are few precautions to be taken before undergoing the procedure. However, this form of acne management has the potential to cause scarring if done incorrectly and therefore it is important to always receive help from an experienced dermatologist like Dr Adityan.

The laser procedure consists of aiming a concentrated beam at zits or acne scars in order to zap bacteria found in the skin that leads to outbreaks. The light gets deep into the skin and reaches deeper levels with short bursts of power so the problem can be fixed at the root and prevented from spreading or reoccurring.

If you have had acne outbreaks in the past and now your skin still looks patchy and lumpy you have scars and this situation can be fixed or improved with lasers. This type of therapy is called skin resurfacing and the dermatologist who is treating you uses a smaller, hand held laser to move over the acne-scarred skin several times in long sweeping movements, eliminating the warped parts of the skin by disintegrating them with the laser's heat and once the procedure is completed the skin is left with a new area to cultivate the growth of new tissue on, resulting in a new surface of the skin which is why this type of treatment is called laser resurfacing.

It is a current misconception that people with darker skin should not use lasers because the area that has been treated can become lighter. However as long as an experienced dermatologist from Best Skin Hospital In Madurai like Adityan Skin Care Clinic carries out the skin correcting treatment, any changes in the skin should be unnoticeable. Laser skin therapy can be quite painful and also expensive but skin-numbing cream can be applied before the procedure and it is possible to find an affordable clinic to have your procedure done in by searching online and doing a cost comparison. There are many different types of laser acne treatments for different skin problems and people with unique skin conditions may require extra sessions so it is important to consult with your dermatologist before using a laser to treat your acne.For more information about the acne treatments that work, visit

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