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No Worry About Hair Fall Problems - Visit Adityan Skin And Hair Laser Centre For Healthy Hair Growth

No Worry About Hair Fall Problems - Visit Adityan Skin And Hair Laser Centre For Healthy Hair Growth

Hello people of Madurai! Nowadays, everyone is suffered by hair problem. It doesn't matter they are male or female. The major causes for hair problems are stress, polution, heat, diet, chemicals products, being unclean, fungal infection etc., Everyone has a question how to solve my hair problem? There are many remedies to solve the hair problem. But it works only depends upon your problem's condition. So the better solution is that you have to consult a dermatologist. Are you in doubt where would I find the Best Hair Specialist In Madurai? I'll give you the answer. Dr.Adityan is the top most hair speciallist in Madurai. Before that let we know about some common hair problems.

1)Hair Loss/Hair Fall

      The major hair problem among both men and women is hair loss/hair fall. A normal person has 5 million hairs. Normally, 
50-100 hairs will shed per day. If the amount of shedding hairs increased, it will lead to hair loss/hair fall. 

2) Split Ends
 Split ends is caused by the lack of moisture in the hair. Chemicals, Blow dryers, over brushing hair and straighters 
are lead to the split ends.

3) Dandruff

Dandruff is a scaly thing that cling in your scalp because of fungal infection, poor diet, pollution or a sluggish 

4) Dry Hair

       lack of moisture oil and natural oil, Over-Use of Heat Styling Tools, Using the Wrong Hair Care Products, Excessive 
Hair Washing, Over-Use of Hair Dyes and Bleaches and Environmental Factors like exposure of wind, sun and dry air are the 
causes for dry hair.

5) Frizzy Hair

      This occurs because of the decrease of the moisture level of the hair below of normal level. 

6) Gray Hair

      Lack of melonin, the color pigment of the hair which is in the root of the hair, is caused for gray hair.

7) Oily/Greasy Hair

      It is caused by the excess amount of natural oil called sebum is produced by the scalp.

8) Baldness

      It is mostly occurs in men. In some rare case, it occurs in women. Too much of hairfall leads to baldness.

In Adityan skin and hair clinic - Best Hair Specialist In Madurai they give treatment for all your hair problems. They will diagnose the root cause for your hair problem accurately and give the relevant treatment. They not only give the treatment for hair problems but also they give treatment for skin problems like, Acne/Pimples, Psoriasis and other skin diseases. They also give treatment for removing unwanted hair and tattoo removing. They have highly advanced and latest equipments like Derma Roller, Tattoo removal machine and Diode laser tattoo removal machine. 

For more details contact us on  73731 63000.

Thursday 20 September 2018



Hello Madurai about the weather there? I guess it's not hot like other days. Well everyone have a good day. We shall start about Alopecia. Alopecia? what? what is that? I know you will make many questions like this. Hair Loss Treatment In Madurai gives an answer, Alopecia is nothing but the common Hair Fall problem, which occurs to both Men and Women. Also, hair shaft breakage is something different from hair loss problem. A hair shaft breakage or hair damage is something which can be resolved using different home remedies or using special serums and shampoos. But Hair loss differs from this as the hair once lost is permanent and doesn't grow again which the hair count will be decreasing and makes hair look thinner.

The hair loss is seen in both men and women because of androgens which are more dramatic in men. Some reasons which cause hair loss are Thyroid disease, protein deficiency, chemotherapy, low vitamin level, and a high dose medication. You know what, somewhere our hair loss and stress are correlated. Both physical and emotional stress can cause hair loss. Between, do you what is physical stress? It is not that we work physically with our hands and legs, physical stress is serious illness or recovery from surgery. These kinds of stress can cause hormonal changes that cause hair loss. But they say hair loss is not because of internal disease or poor diet. It is due to the aging of people which starts in the 30s.

But in today's lifestyle, hair loss can be seen in young age groups and in teens. So, it's getting tough to identify the exact reason behind hair loss. They say hair loss in teens occur because of the different hairstyles they do and also of coloring hair, using hot devices on hair for different hairstyle can also cause hair loss. So, the reason behind our hair loss problem still lies as a big question mark. Whatever the reason be, we start trying all the home remedies to solve our hair loss problem. But if sometimes these home remedies can cause more hair loss problems. Don't get worried, a dermatologist will give you the best solution for your hair loss problems. 

Dr. Adityan provides the best Hair Loss Treatment In Madurai. He has secured a gold medal in PG degree, M.S.(D.V.L.). He is the Best Dermatologist In Madurai who provides personalized, accessible and affordable treatment and Medicare for every people. Dr. Adityan's Skin And Hair Laser Centre provides treatment for all kind skin, hair and nail needs. All the treatments provided will give you a permanent solution. So, don't wait anymore, book your appointments @ 7373163000. Stay in touch with them using For more details, visit @

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Get Your Natural Hair Back With Dr.Adityan

Get Your Natural Hair Back With Dr.Adityan 

Hi Madurai people..  are you suffering from bald heading problem? No worries. I hope this article will help you get rid of that problem? Hair is the very important thing to retain our beauty. Even though if your age is too less what will happen if you have no hair or partly hair on your scalp? How do you seem to others? Everyone who sees you with bald headed definitely will mock at you. You will not be getting the proper respect also in the first appearance since the first appearance is the best appearance.

We can categorize this baldness into two types basically. One is male patterned hair loss another one is female patterned hair loss. Male patterned hair loss occurs due to the male hormones and the genetics whereas female patterned hair loss occurs due to the female hormones and the hereditary, psychological stress, and the pregnancy.

However, you have got baldness, what is the remedy now to disclose this problem of having a bald heading and to get your natural hair back? If you are looking for Baldness Treatment Madurai I would recommend meeting Dr.Adityan from Adityan clinic who is having years of experience in skin and hair treatment in Madurai also a gold medalist in M.D (D.V.L) PG Degree.

All you need to do is take the treatments seriously without fail to miss any of his appointment dates and follow the instructions he gives.

Adityan clinic is located at Andalpuram bus stop, opp. Thiagarajar school, Opp. Agrini residential complex, Madurai. You should book an appointment in order to meet him. By this way, it would be much better for both of you on fixing the timing schedule of both of you and to avoid waiting in front of the doctor’s room for a long period of time.

You can either contact them through any of these phone numbers which are 91 81 11 000 000   +91 73 73 140 000  +91 73 73 141 111 or click on this link

Kindly visit Adityan skin and hair laser centre for getting the natural hair growth. I am sure you will see the difference within six months. Because they provide best Baldness Treatment Madurai.

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Pain-Free Laser treatment for Acne/Pimples and Bald Heading Problems

 Pain-Free Laser treatment for Acne/Pimples and Bald Heading Problems

Hi Madurai People, How are you today? Nice weather? Or hot climate? Can we talk a little about skin and hair problems today? First of all how these problems are occurring and what are the causes? There are many causes that we can say as the reason. We can say the tensions, pressure, mental torture, oily food items, hereditary, overheat, climate, puberty, hormonal changes like these we can say lot more.

Now the problem is with the pains and scars it leaves in the skin. It not only gives ugly look to your skin appearance but also gives pain. Then I know you will think of to go for natural home remedies. Home remedies can be done and would work out well for the initial cases. That too it’s not sure with all types of skin.

But once it’s gone to the severe stage then you must need an expert like Dr Adityan’s advice. He is the Best Skin Specialist in Madurai. He is a gold medalist in M.D(D.V.L)PG Degree. Past vice president of Indian Association of Dermatologists, Venereologists and leprologists- Tamilnadu. First in India to report 'progressive varicella syndrome in pediatric AIDS'- and won the best paper of the year award in 2008. He uses modern pieces of equipment like Derma Roller, Tatoo removal machine, Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine and advance technology like Laser treatments which leads you to take the treatment without any side effect but give you awesome results.

You can see the drastic change in your skin during and after the treatment with Dr Adityan who is Best Skin Specialist in Madurai.

None of his treatments goes worse and gives any side effect and the period of treatment will also not be longer more than six months. But the results you get after the treatment is for long-lasting.

To know more about him have real-time experience at the Adityan Skin and hair laser centre. In order to meet him, you need to book an appointment one week prior itself by calling at this extension 7373163000 or click on this link to book an appointment through online.

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Meet Dr.Adityan For Clear And Spotless Skin

Meet Dr.Adityan For Clear And Spotless Skin

Hi Madurai people, what's up? How is the weather today? Too hot? Unable to bear the overheat?

Getting skin rashes? Undoubtedly the rashes are because of the hot sun rays. Our body can adapt to the certain level of temperature alone. Our skin can't bear the temperature above 40 degrees or below 5 degrees Celcius. In both the cases, you will get skin allergy or rashes or some other problems which are related to the skin due to the temperature changes.

The bearing level or immune power is varied from person to person.

Contact Adityan skin and hair laser centre which is the Best Skin Clinic In Madurai to get rid of those skin problems which spoils the beauty of your skin.

Adityan skin clinic is a complete skin and hair care clinic at Andalpuram, Madurai one of the largest, fully equipped, state of the art skin and hair clinics in the country.  Their aim is to provide a specialized skin-care through their high standard of service and advanced techniques. They provide affordable, easily accessible and personalised medical treatment for any and every type of skin, hair or nail condition. With the specialist expert help of a supremely skilled, Gold-Medal awardee dermatologist, adults and children can have absolute confidence in the diagnosis and treatment and of their skin and hair problems..the hospital is notorious to make you feel special about yourself through the accurate diagnosis and correct treatment.

They use advanced laser technology for hair removal, hair loss, tattoo removal and pimple cure treatment. So, its the Best Skin Clinic In Madurai.

Their motto is to bring the cutting edge of technology, combined with exemplary clinical acumen in the field of Dermatology to the world's most ancient city. Contact them by calling to their extension 7373163000 or reach them through this link to book the doctor’s appointment. Dr Adityan spends the time with his patients for making them clear on all the queries asked by the people. In all over Madurai Dr.Adityan is the talk of the day about his skin and hair treatments. He is expertized in Laser skin and Hair removal treatment in Madurai.

So meet Dr.Adityan and get your skin and hair problems resolved.

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Hey everyone, have a great start for whatever you do today. Well, how about the climate there? I guess maximum it will be sunny with a little humid climate till the evening. Best Skin Specialist In Madurai says, this kind of climate will observe moisture from our skin and makes it dry. Actually, many have dry skin from their birth, and this is not their fault. Because severely dry skin is a hereditary problem. Dry skin should care as early as possible, this may lead to some uncomfortable situations like skin infections and skin problems. The oil in our skin is the protective barrier, so insufficient oil in your skin shows no protective barrier against bacteria and viruses. 

Dry skin itches more and we tend to scratch it. If this itching and dryness are temporary, that is not a big deal. But if constant scratching can result in permanent skin damage. If you people spend too much time in shower and bathtub, then you people will definitely have dry skin. Taking one or two quick showers will be enough to have your moisture in control. Always have a bath in warm water because very hot water makes your skin dry, also don't use high fragrance soaps or body wash. A mild and moisturizing body wash or soap bars for better skin. Always moisturize your face and skin, if your skin looks damp after a bath and shower. Dry skin affects on hands, arms, and legs.

According to the climate changes, our lifestyle and over-the-counter moisturizers are the only treatment to make your escape from dry skin. Other than bathing practice, your age, medical history and seasons can also cause dry skin. As you age, only less amount of oil is produced by your pores which raises the risk of dry skin. If you or anyone of your family members are allergic to the substance like nickel can also cause dry skin for you. Mostly winter months cause dry skin because the humidity in the air will be low, which is important for our to get moisture all the time naturally. So, you change your lifestyle according to curing dry skin, if not this may cause serious problems.

If you're out of control, then the Best Skin Specialist In Madurai - Dr. Adityan will help to get a solution for this. His accurate diagnosis and correct treatment from the root of the problem will make your skin looks good. In Dr. Adityan's skin and hair laser centre provides personalized, affordable and accessible medicare for all the people and for all kinds of skin, hair and nail problems. Book your appointments now @ 7373163000. Contact them @ +91 81 11 000 000 | +91 73 73 140 000 | +91 73 73 141 111 or @ To know more, Visit @

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Monday 10 September 2018

Are You Looking For The Best Hairfall Treatment In Dindigul Visit


Are You Looking For The Best Hairfall Treatment In Dindigul Visit 


Are you looking for a hair fall treatment? If Yes, You will hear the good news!  
Adityan Skin And Hair Laser Centre, Hair FallTreatment In Dindigul offers the best hair fall treatment...There are several treatments are available for curing this hair loss problem effectively. At the end of the treatment, you will get healthy hair and you will be happy. 
Hair loss could be a drawback that is full of each internal and external conditions and so if you would like to get rid of hair loss problem you wish to search out out the cause for an equivalent. The hair loss mustn't be thought of as an ignorable problem as a result of if not treated on time it can lead to baldness and severe loss of hair. The expertise of hair loss will be an emotional trauma for each men and ladies as hair could be an important a part of your personality and inner confidence. 
Let us look at some important basic ways to how to stop hair loss:- 
Treating hair loss depends upon the reason behind it. There are several reasons why hair fall is going on to anyone. Relying upon the cause, the treatment is fixed. Once it's attributable to hungriness, the condition is treated consequently. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are aforesaid to own helpful effects on hair fall and hence, in hungriness, such supplements are utilized in many ways that like local/topical application and/or internal supplements. 
If you would like to stop hair fall issues you must follow some easy normal of livings, medications and be setting as this will prove useful to stop stress and hair fall. Generally, mud and unsanitary conditions will result in hair fall, thus you must wash your hair frequently with a delicate and mild shampoo. 
A sufficient intake of raw vegetables, fresh fruits, inexperienced leafy vegetables, and salads will prove useful in the growth of hairs. you must conjointly embrace fish and eggs in your daily diet chart. this can be conjointly sensible for the interference of hair fall. 
To get eliminate hair loss, ensure you consume foods that are an important nutrient, add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet, foods like these are nice for exciting hair growth. 
Adityan Skin And Hair Laser Centre is one of the best skin and hair laser centre in Dindigul provides the outstanding treatment for all kind of hair issues. Don't Delay! Visit, Hair Fall Treatment InDindigul to stop your hair fall effectively.  
Dr.Adityan is a trusted dermatologist, who provides hair loss treatment in Dindigul, Virudhunagar, Theni, Melur, Sivakasi at an unmatched price. He provides safe and effective treatment by using the latest medical techniques. One can visit adityan skin and hair laser clinic, he provides all treatment related to skin and hair. If you notice serious hair loss suddenly, then do book an appointment with Adityan skin and hair clinic right now on 7373 163 000.

Are You Suffering with Skin Related Problems - Visit For An Effective Solution


Are You Suffering with Skin Related Problems - Visit For An Effective Solution 


Skin problems vary greatly in symptoms and severity. They can be temporary or permanent and may be painless or painful. Some have situational causes, while others may be genetic. Some skin conditions are minor, and others can be life-threatening. Are you suffering with any kind of skin infections or skin disease?  
If Yes, One Good News For You!  
Adityan Skin And Laser Centre, Best Skin Clinic In Virudhunagar offers the treatments effectively for all kind of skin and hair related issues like... 
1) Acne 
2) Pimple 
3) Laser Hair Removal 
4) Tatoo Removal  
5) Psoriasis Treatment 
6) Hair Loss Treatment 
7) Acne Scar 
8) Skin Allergy 
9) Rashes etc.... 
Are you suffering with skin related issues? If yes, No Worries! Adityan Skin And  Hair Laser Centre, Best Skin Clinic InVirudhunagar Is there... 
They are here to cure your Acne/pimples effectively. The pimples which are appearing during puberty because of hormonal changes are treated with high standard techniques in the adityan skin clinic. It will affect a maximum number of teenagers and some adults too. Get clear and glowing skin by getting treatment from Adityan skin and hair clinic. 
Reason For Choosing Adityan Skin And Hair Laser Centre: 
Adityan skin clinic is a complete skin care clinic in Andalpuram, Madurai. They aim at providing a specialized skin-care through their high standard service and advanced techniques. They provide affordable, easily accessible and personalized medical treatment for any and every type of skin, hair or nail condition. With the specialist expert help of a supremely skilled, Gold-Medal awardee dermatologist, adults and children can have absolute confidence in the diagnosis and treatment and of their skin and hair problems...They make you feel special about yourself through our accurate diagnosis and correct treatment. 
Are you a person living in Virudhunagar? If you want to get free from skin issues then visit Adityan Skin And Hair laser centre, Andalpuram, Madurai. The distance from Virudhunagar to Adityan skin and hair laser centre is 51 km only.....For Instant Booking appointment contact 7373 163 000.     

Do You Know How To Stop Your Hair Fall Instantly?

 Do You Know How To Stop Your Hair Fall Instantly? 


If you Don't KnoW, No Worries! Here I reveal the secret to stop your Hair Fall Instantly. 
Are you worried about your severe hair fall, then you should consult Gold-Medal awardee dermatologist for stop your hair fall instantly. 
In men, balding typically follows the classic horseshoe pattern known as male pattern baldness or MPB, though diffuse thinning can also occur. It has been noted that both the number of androgen receptors and the level of 5-alpha-reductase,   which converts testosterone to DHT, are higher in susceptible areas than in the rest of the scalp.  
Women's hair loss tends to be diffuse but is also primarily hormonally driven. The story of balding is, however, not the story of androgens alone. Rather male pattern hair loss appears to have multiple causes. For instance, damage to blood vessel linings can inhibit a growth factor they ordinarily produce: an endothelium-derived relaxing factor or nitric oxide. 
Minoxidil probably works in part by mimicking this growth factor. There are likely other factors as well.  
At Adityan Skin And Hair Laser centre, the dermatologist first identify Causes of Hair Loss after that they provides the suitable treatment for your hair loss.  
Whether your hair is long, short, straight or curly, hair is an expression of our own individual style, personality, and attitude. Research does show that hair and self-image are closely linked. if you are noticing an unusual and prolonged hair loss, then you should get HairFall Treatment In Theni.  
When treating hair loss, it's important to remember that stopping it immediately is not the same as seeing immediate results.  Due to the growth cycle of hair, even the most successful hair loss treatment,  may take three months to show visible results.  
Are you looking for the best Hair Fall Treatment then you should opt for the Adityan Skin And Hair Laser Centre. 

Psoriasis Treatment Starts With Knowing What Causes Psoriasis - Visit


Psoriasis Treatment Starts With Knowing What Causes Psoriasis - Visit 


Psoriasis is a skin disease that causes patches that are red and scaly on the surface of the skin. Psoriasis refers to the skin disease. In this diseased condition, the skin becomes red, scaly and lesions start accumulating on the upper layer of the skin. Cracks also appear on the skin which causes pain and bleeding. The patient also experiences itchiness, irritation and burning sensation on the affected area of the skin. Psoriasis may occur on any part of the body. It may even occur on the skin of the scalp and this condition is known as Scalp psoriasis. The following article will explain what causes it and possible methods for treatment. Getting PsoriasisTreatment In Sivakasi is the best choice for get rid of your psoriasis problems effectively. 
What causes Psoriasis? 
Studies have shown that the main cause for the disease is an immune system abnormality. Other causes can be from dry skin, infection, trauma or emotional stress. If there are members of your family or ancestors who have the disease, it is likely that you can get it, too. It is a genetic disease; however, it can skip generations. 
How is it diagnosed? 
There are different types of Psoriasis, each with a set of characteristics that distinguish one from the other. Usually, the distinct characteristics are how a dermatologist is able to diagnose what kind of Psoriasis a patient has. At other time, dermatologist will need to do a skin biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. The following will determine the cause of treatment best suited for the type of Psoriasis a patient has. 
1) How much skin is affected? 
2) What type of Psoriasis is it? 
3) Where the disease is located? 
4) What is the age of the patient, as well as the medical history? 
5) What is the overall effect the disease has on the patient? 
6) What types of treatment are available for this disease? 
There are three different ways to treat it. The way the disease is treated depends on the variables mentioned above. 
Topical treatment methods- 
Topical treatment is usually used when the severity of the disease ranges from mild to moderate. It is a treatment method which involves use of various products such as oils, creams, gels, ointments, shampoos or lotions externally on the skin. The chief ingredients in almost all these products are same with minor differences. These work almost in the same manner. You just need to apply these products on the affected area of the skin externally but thoroughly so as to get complete relief from all the symptoms of psoriasis such as redness of the skin, itching, irritation etc. 
Systematic treatment is either taken orally by the patient, or injected, depending on how severe the case is. This treatment is better suited for moderate to severe cases. 
Phototherapy uses UV light that is applied on the skin. The course of treatment is for moderate to severe cases. 
Determining what causes psoriasis is perhaps the first important step in finding ways to get rid of psoriasis. There are actually plenty of ways to do so. Psoriasis Treatment In Sivakasi provides the best solution for any kind of psoriasis problems. You may learn more about psoriasis treatment visit 

Get Immediate Solution For Your Acne/Pimple With Adityan Skin Clinic - For Instant Appointment 7373 163 000


Get Immediate Solution For Your Acne/Pimple With Adityan Skin Clinic - For Instant Appointment 7373 163 000 


Acne is an embarrassing skin condition that affects many people, no matter what age they have. You have to treat acne in an early stage, because as much as time passes acne become more severe, located deeper within the skin and harder to treat. No worries! If you have acne visit, Best Skin Clinic In Dindigul for getting rid of this problem effectively.  
An acne treatment first depends on the skin type of the individual. For people that have dry skin there are treatments for dry skin, and for people that have oily skin, there are Acne treatments for fatty skin. If you are not sure what your skin type is, you must consult Dr Adityan, Best Dermatologist, to ask him information about your skin type, because it will help you to maintain your skin healthy. 
There are different treatments for different stages of acne. 
Mild acne is the easiest form of acne that can be cured sometimes only with a combination of acne treatments.  
Moderate acne is hard to heal because is not the only surface located. A moderate acne is also a severe form of acne but it is not so hard to treat because it is not located so deep within the skin as a severe form of acne. Moderate acne can be healed with proper treatment.        
An acne treatment is based on how severe the stage of acne is. Severe cases of acne are the hardest to heal because acne pimples are located deep within the skin and they become nodules and cysts. Cystic acne is the most severe form of acne and can leave scars if not treated properly. This severe form of acne, cystic acne, can be cured only with effective acne treatment from, Best Skin Clinic In Dindigul.  
Are suffering with Acne problem? If yes, one good news for you!  Adityan Skin And Hair laser centre offer the best treatment for all kind of skin and hair related issues... Consulting a Dr. Adityan, the Best dermatologist in Madurai is always recommendable for a treat your skin and hair related issues effectively. 
Are you a person living in Dindigul? If Yes, If you want to get treatment for your acne, visit Adityan Skin And Hair laser centre, Andalpuram, Madurai. The distance from Dindigul to Adityan skin and hair laser centre is 70 km only.....For Booking appointment contact 7373 163 000.