Thursday 9 August 2018




For women, their hair is considered as a jewel of their head. To make it grow strong Hair Growth Treatment Madurai gives you better solution. Women of all age are fond of growing a thick, strong and long hair. They also want to do different kind Hair dressings according to their costume. So, hair is indeed an important costume for every girls. But we fail to take care of our hair regularly. This leads to hair fall or hair loss and many other hair related problems. Hair fall is common for both men and women, it is more for men which cause baldness. This may be simple or complex like vitamin deficiency or an underlying health condition.

So, 1st we have to analyse why hair fall occurs. There are many common reasons for hair fall for both men and women. Physical and emotional stress plays a major role in hair fall. Lack of proteins, heredity, anaemia, vitamin - B deficiency few some of the reasons behind hair fall. Our head has number of hair follicles, as we grow, some of these follicles stop growing. This makes our hair look thin and even make baldness in men. So, what shall we do for our hair growth?. Our hair growth depends on factors like, our age, specific hair type, overall health and other health conditions. We have many home remedies to make our hair strong and long.

Whatever home remedies we do, we don't get result what we wish for. So, we need an expert advice to make grow and maintain it regularly. A dermatologist will help to make our hair grow long, strong and thick. The top dermatologist in Madurai, Dr, Adityan gives you the best treatment for hair growth and stop hair fall completely. He also gives tips for a healthy hair growth. He gives accurate diagnosis for hair problems with correct treatment. He does treatment starting from the root till tip of the hair. His treatment period is only about 20 days but the result is for life time. He is experienced and a golden medal awardee in the field of dermatology.
So girls, let our hair speak more than our lips do. walk-in into best Hair Growth Treatment Madurai - Dr. Adityan's skin and hair laser centre. They give easily accessible and affordable treatment and a personalised care for our needs. To experience the best treatment and hospitalization, book appointments now @ 7373 163 000. Contact them for queries @ 8111 000 000 or 7373 140 000 or 7373 141 111. To view more, visit

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