Saturday 20 April 2019

The Whitening of Skin (Leucoderma) Causes, Symptoms & Treatment 
Howdy friends, today in this article let us discuss white spots or patches of skin. Due to loss of pigmentation in the skin, white patches of different sizes and shapes appear on the body. This disease is called leucoderma. It is curable and not a contagious disease. Due to the imbalance of melanin in the body results in the appearance of white spots. The symptoms of this disease are that skin starts whitening, round lumps are formed, fingers start crumbling and eyesight is affected. You must consult Best Skin Specialist In Madurai immediately.

The skin starts whitening in the beginning and massive round lumps are formed on it. Sometimes this disease affects the eyes and can lead to blindness. This is an infectious disease and it must be treated with the best skin doctor. So, friends if you have the above symptoms then immediately consult Best Skin Specialist In Madurai for medication. You can also surf to solve all skin problems permanently.


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