Wednesday 5 July 2017

Hair Fall Treatment - Know When They Are Needed

Hair Fall Treatment - Know When They Are Needed

Premature hair loss is a problem that no woman wants to endure. This problem can cause a receding hairline, thinning spots, balding spots or total balding. This problem can be caused by many different factors and finding the exact cause is crucial to identifying the right hair fall treatment to use. Some of the most common cause are lack of proper nutrition, heredity, stress, insufficient sleep or rest, diseases, side effects of medications, menopause and sudden weight loss. Each of these common causes can require a Hair Fall Treatment In Dindigul approach.

Hair loss as a result of menopause, pregnancy or childbirth is caused by hormonal changes that are taking place within the woman's body. The reason this problem can happen during pregnancy is due to the increased nutritional needs that the woman's body requires. By increasing your vitamin and mineral daily intake, this will help you maintain the health of your body and hair. Many women also experience excessive hair loss after giving birth. The reason for this is that during pregnancy, the hair goes into a resting phase and stops growing.

A woman's estrogen hormone level is very high during pregnancy and that helps to promote the health of the hair. However, the estrogen level will immediately return to a normal level as soon as the baby is born and the hairs that had stopped growing and those that were in the resting stage will start to fall. But, within six to twelve weeks, when the body returns to its normal condition, new hair will begin to grow again. So for this condition, no particular hair fall treatment is needed.

The decreasing level of estrogen causes excessive hair loss during menopause. The best hair fall treatment for women in this time period is hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that will replenish the body with the essential female hormones that aid in hair growth and reduce hair fall. You should also keep away from stressful situations and eat a healthful and balanced diet. A prescribed dose of vitamins and folic acid pills will also be useful.

Taking medications for various illnesses or diseases which cause premature hair loss as a side effect is another common phenomenon. Some treatment methods or medicines for heart diseases, cancer, high blood pressure, gout and many other diseases will often trigger excessive hair loss. Thyroid diseases can also cause this problem. Increased body heat and hormonal imbalances are the two major reasons in this case.

The hair will start to grow again after the treatment, in the majority of cases and as a result, no particular hair fall treatment is needed. The possible options for managing hair loss during this period can include getting regular gentle scalp massages, wearing a shorter hairstyle, using a softer hair brush, using a mild shampoo, wearing hats and avoiding chemical treatments and excessively hot dryers. As with all good health therapies, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a well balanced diet is very important.

As you get older the lower levels of hormones can slow the growth of new hair and cause the existing strands to start falling. It is more difficult for new hair to grow with advanced age, neverthless you can take preventative Hair Fall Treatment In Dindigul measures to reduce or avoid excessive amounts of hair loss.

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