Sunday 22 October 2017

Best Skin Clinic In Dindigul - Adityan Skin Care Clinic - Contact Us On 7373 163 000

Best Skin Clinic In Dindigul - Adityan Skin Care Clinic - Contact Us On 7373 163 000

Everyone around you seems to have flawless skin — and you have a T-zone dotted with ugly blackheads. 

You look into the mirror, see all the dark specks and spots, and ask “Why me?” Well guess what…

It’s not just you. It may feel that way. But pretty much everyone gets blackheads at some point. That’s because blackheads  are the result of natural, healthy processes that occur in everyone’s skin.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to like blackheads (who does?) or that you have to live with them. But before you worry  about how to get rid of blackheads, it’s important to visit Best Skin Clinic In Dindigul for getting rid of your blackheads  and get clear skin.

Do's for Blackheads

Cleansing: Special scrubs for gently exfoliating the face can help. Look for those that are fragrance-free and for sensitive  skin, and avoid anything that makes your skin overly dry. Gently cleansing the skin can help blackheads.

While it is important to dry up the skin by decreasing excessive oil production, drying it too much may make matters worse  due to stimulating the extra production of oil by the glands.

Make-up and cosmetics: Use non-comedogenic products that do not clog pores instead should keep the pores clear and open and  reduce the buildup of dead skin.

Prescription treatments: Always use prescribed medicines. Visit Best Skin Clinic In Dindigul, Consult Dr Adityan.  Prescription medications that contain vitamin A, such as tretinoin, tazarotene, and adapalene, may be prescribed to keep  plugs from forming in the hair follicles and promote the more rapid turnover of skin cells.

However, most people do not seek these treatments until their acne has worsened to become an infected or more severe form,  such as pimples. It might be best to have a skin care specialist from Best Skin Clinic In Dindigul remove the blackheads if  they become bothersome.

Underlying conditions: Any other skin problems, such as eczema or rosacea, can make treating blackheads a little harder. The  condition should be treated before the acne, as successful treatment may lead to improvements in the blackheads.

Rest and relaxation: Getting enough rest and avoiding stress can also help, as stress can trigger sebum production. Exercise  can help reduce stress. To know more visit 

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