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Symptoms Of Rosacea - Visit Adityan Skin Care Clinic - Best Skin Clinic

Symptoms Of Rosacea - Visit Adityan Skin Care Clinic - Best Skin Clinic

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Rosacea is a very common skin disease that affects people over the age of 30. It causes redness on your nose, cheeks, chin,  and forehead. Some people get little bumps and pimples on the red parts of their faces. Rosacea can also cause burning and soreness in your eyes.

Some people say that having rosacea keeps them from feeling confident at work or in social situations. If your rosacea bothers you or has gotten worse, visit Best Skin Clinic In Virudhunagar for Getting treatment, that can help your skin look and feel better. 

Rosacea symptoms and signs?

Many signs and symptoms are associated with rosacea, but they can vary considerably from person to person. The following  signs and symptoms tend to be present in most cases:

Flushing - flushing episodes can last as long as 5 minutes. The blush can spread from the face down to the neck and chest.  Some people say the skin feels unpleasantly hot during flushing episodes.

Facial skin hyper-reactivity - sensitive blood vessels dilate very easily to touch and some other physical stimuli, such as sunlight. Many mistakenly refer to this as "sensitive skin," but, with rosacea, it is caused by sensitive blood vessels and not sensitive skin cells.

Persistent redness - sometimes, the flushing episodes may eventually be followed by bouts of persistent facial redness. The redness, like a patch of sunburn, may not go away. This occurs because hundreds of tiny blood vessels near the surface of the facial skin dilate.

Pimples, papules, and pustules Inflammatory rosacea - small spots, papules, and pustules sometimes appear on the face - this is also known as inflammatory rosacea. Misdiagnosis is common because of their similarity to teenage acne. However, with rosacea, the skin has no blackheads, unlike acne.

Inflamed blood vessels vascular rosacea - as the signs and symptoms of rosacea progress and get worse, small blood vessels on the nose and cheeks swell and become visible - they sometimes look like tiny spider webs. The skin on the face can become blotchy.

Rhinophyma - excess facial skin around the nose - severe rosacea can result in the thickening of the facial skin, especially around the nose. The nose can become bulbous and enlarged. This is a very rare complication and tends to affect males much more than females.

Ocular rosacea - there is a burning, gritty sensation in the eyes, making them bloodshot. The inside of the eyelid may become inflamed and appear scaly, causing conjunctivitis. Some people may not tolerate contact lenses and says may develop. In very rare cases, vision can become blurred.

Facial swelling - excess fluid and proteins leak out of the blood vessels and eventually overwhelm the lymphatic system,  which cannot drain the leakage away fast enough. This results in fluid buildup in the facial skin.

However, Adityan Skin Care Clinic, Best Skin Clinic In Virudhunagar provides the various treatments which can relieve the signs and symptoms. Dermatologists can easily diagnose rosacea from a physical examination of your skin. A combination of medications and lifestyle changes generally give the best results.
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