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Skin Specialist In Theni - Dr. Adityan - Book Appointment Now On 7373 163 000.

Skin Specialist In Theni - Dr. Adityan - Book Appointment Now On 7373 163 000.

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Acne - Difference Between Inflammatory and Non-Inflammatory

When it comes to acne lesions, there are two main types. There are non-inflammatory and inflammatory lesions. Blackheads  and whiteheads are great examples of non-inflammatory lesions. They’re also called open and closed comedones.

A clogged hair follicle is the basic definition of a comedown. When your hair follicles get clogged with excess oil, dead  skin cells, and debris, they’re called comedones. A number of different impurities can find their way into your pores and  cause a blockage to occur.

A clogged hair follicle will become a visible blackhead or whitehead. Also called pustules and papules, these lesions are  known as papulopustular acne. There is a severe form of the non-inflammatory type, and it’s known as nodular acne.

Blackheads are called comedones, and they form when pores get clogged with dead skin cells and oil. The plug dilates and  grows larger, which exposes the oil in the plug to outside air.

It’s quite common for people to believe that the black portion is dirt, but the truth is that its oil that has turned  black because of air exposure. Inflammatory acne knows no boundaries, so it can affect almost any part of your body. No  worries!  Best Skin Clinic In Theni provides the best solution for Any kind of Acne in a timely manner... 

The inflammation is caused by a response from your immune system, which occurs when it perceives a threat. In the case of  acne, your body perceives the bacteria as a threat. When your pores become inflamed, the area will become red and begin to  swell.

A closed lesion is called a papule, and it’s a type of inflammatory acne. Another type is a pustule, which results in the  rupturing of the papule. Inflammatory nodules erupt below the surface of your skin, and they can leave behind some of the  worst scarrings.

Treatment Options of Acne

The major difference between the two types of acne is the severity of the inflammation. Blackheads and whiteheads are  viewed as non-inflammatory because they’re clogged pores that don’t allow bacteria to get inside and thrive. Inflammatory  consists of clogged pores that have become infected with bacteria.

The best treatment for your condition will depend on the type of acne that you have. Whether you are dealing with  blackheads and whiteheads or nodules and pustules, Get treatment from the experts at Adityan Skin Care Clinic, Best Skin  Clinic In Theni can help .Contact us 7373 163 000 today to schedule your consultation to learn more about how we can help  you say goodbye to your acne condition once and for all.


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