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Everyone will face Acne and Pimple problem in our lifetime. We all are often interchangeably these two words but the truth is that Acne and Pimple are not the same things. Acne will appear in face, neck, shoulder, and back. Sebum, hair follicles, and skin cells are together called plug if this plug is infected by bacteria it causes swelling in Acne. It may also cause due to genetic factors. A case of severe acne will lead to Pimple but it is not a genetic factor. Acne/Pimple Scar Treatment Madurai provides the best way to get rid of your Acne problem effectively.

Acne will cause due to blackheads, whiteheads, Oily skin and produces scarring. Acne scar is also due to hormones changes, stress, diet, cosmetics, etc. The resulting appearance causes depression, anxiety and at last due to an ugly face. Most of the women face acne/pimple problem at puberty stage.

If you have problems in hair you will have pimples in your face that is if you suffered from dandruff it will reflect on your face because Sebaceous glands are in the skin that secretes oily matter(sebum) into hair follicles that will lubricate the hair and skin. The hair follicle is a sac from which hair grows and in which sebaceous glands opens. The areas where a pimple often affects are a face, back, chest, and shoulders because these are the areas where sebaceous glands have appeared.

Foods like bread, potato chips, milk chocolate, dairy, ice-cream, soda, pizza may cause pimples. For some people the vegetables like brinjal, etc will affect their skin. Skins are very sensitive. Severe acne/pimple will lead to pus. There are various types of pimples. These pimples may appear surface of the skin or deep of the skin. A pimple may sometimes cause inflammation and infection. Though a pimple is related to skin it won't spread from one person to another. To get a proper treatment with the permanent remedy in a short span of time visits Acne/Pimple Scar Treatment Madurai

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