Saturday 7 July 2018

Dr.Adityan's Skin & Hair Laser Centre- Acne/Pimple Treatment In Madurai, The Best Dermatologist In Madurai

Dr.Adityan's Skin & Hair Laser Centre-  Acne/Pimple Treatment In Madurai, The Best Dermatologist In Madurai

Rita(Ri) : Hi Renu...How are You?

Renu(Re) : Hey Rita...I am fine. How are you?

Ri: Fine dear. Unexpected meet. Really it's very pleased to meet you.

Re: Yes dear...I too felt very glad about meeting you. Most of the time I may think about our college days. 

Ri: Yes...those college lives are amazing in our life. Still, you are my best friend my dear. When someone asks who is your best friend. Your name will strike on my mind.

Re: Thank you, dear...Yes, beautiful memories of our lifetime. 

Ri: Where is your hometown?

Re: I am in Theni Rita. Is Madurai is your hometown? 

Ri: Yes Renu. I am living in Madurai. Hey, what happened to your face skin? 

Re: Yeah...I am suffering from Acne/Pimple from last 6 months.

Ri: Oho God...It's too bad. You are the one in our gang who had a glowing and soft skin.

Re: No Rita. That's all finished during our college days. Now I am suffering a lot from acne/pimple. Even I got treatment from various skin clinic and I visited many dermatologists. But still, money and time are wasted. 

Ri: Hey...Don't get frustrated. Did you meet Dr.Adityan?

Re: Who is he?

Ri: He is the best Dermatologist in Madurai. Most of the people from Madurai, Theni, Dindigul, and cities around Madurai will get treatment from him for their skin and hair problem. 

Re: No Rita...I don't have any hope.

Ri: Hey he is giving technology advanced treatment at affordable cost. Just try once you will surely feel the difference from other dermatologists. 

Re: Okay Rita. Thank you...I will try surely. Could you please tell me the address?

Ri: Dr.Adityan's Skin & Hair Laser Centre at Andalpuram, Madurai. Schedule your appointment at "".

After 6months

Re: Hi Rita, Thank you so much. See my skin I got my glowing skin back with the support of Dr.Adityan whom you suggested.

Ri: Super Renu. Really very happy about seeing your skin. Your skin tone is back to normal and it looks very soft. 

Re: My hearty thanks to Rita and Dr.Adityan, helping me to get back my glowing skin. 

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