Saturday 15 December 2018


Hello Madurai People, Every part of your body is covered completely with skin, so every part of the body should be extra specially cared. Best Skin Specialist In Madurai says that not only your face, and hands need a specialist advice and care, also your legs and feet should be concerned for the treatment. Our leg is an important organ as it helps us to move from one place to another. We walk or run everywhere with shoes or sometimes on barefoot. The shape of our feet depends on how perfect we wear our shoes. If it is too tight then it starts to pain. For some people, their feet sweat more and make them uncomfortable.

This also causes several skin problems on the feet. Some infections like Athlete's Foot, Warts, Bacterial Infections, Toe Nail Fungal Infections, Eczema, Blisters, and Corn and Calluses should be diagnosed for a medical treatment. Athlete's foot is a chronic disease that is caused by fungal infections. Symptoms like an itchy and red rash which affects the soles of the feet and also between the toes. A severe athlete's foot can cause a painful, red, and blistering rash. Warts are viral infections that are tough to eradicate. It can be small singular ones or large cluster ones that form a group. They look circular and occur on the soles or sides of the feet. They are often mistaken for a corn or callus because of their similar hardened appearance on the surface. One of the bacterial infection is ingrown toenail when it is left untreated. The toenail fungal infections have classic signs are nail thickening, discoloration, and changes to the nail's texture such as flakiness or debris. Blisters have symptoms of other conditions such as diabetes, poison ivy, athlete's foot, allergic contact dermatitis, and dyshidrotic eczema.

These kinds of skin diseases on feet can be cured by the Best Skin Specialist In Madurai - Dr Adityan by his accurate diagnosis and correct treatment. Schedule your appointments now @ 7373 163 000. Contact them for your queries @ 7373 163 000 or 7373 140 000 or 7373 141 111. To view more about Dr Adityan's Skin And Hair Laser Centre, visit

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