Friday 21 December 2018



Hello people, we will have a routine cycle for our daily life, likewise, our hairs do have a life cycle which has three stages, the growth phase, the shedding phase, and the resting phase. In this cycle, shedding of 50 - 100 hairs every day is quite normal which we don't need to worry about it. Hair Fall Treatment In Madurai says if excessive hair loss or thinning of the scalp begins to happen, it’s because this cycle has been disrupted, or because the hair follicle has been destroyed and replaced by scar tissue. As a result, gradual thinning, receding hairlines, bald patches, and complete baldness can occur.

There are 10 causes that can trigger heavy hair loss in women. Extreme stress, Hereditary, Lack of nutrients, Weight loss and crash diets, Ageing, Childbirth, Overstyling, Medications, High - energy sport, and Hair Pulling. Extreme stress like experiencing a highly stressful event such as a physical injury or severe anxiety can cause shock to the hair cycle, pushing more hair into the shedding phase. Hair loss can also occur due to some hereditary problems, if hair loss runs in the family, chances are that you may be prone to it, too. Like the cells in our body, hair grows on a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Without these necessary nutrients, your hair will feel the damaging effects and starts to shed. Certain medications could be the reason why you are experiencing hair loss. They are toxic or of high dosage to the hair follicles, and the damage leads to a disruption in the hair cycle. Likewise, the other causes have their own reasons for making hair fall.

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