Thursday 16 May 2019

The Science Behind Skin Ageing & Best Treatment For Skin Ageing

The Science Behind Skin Ageing & Best Treatment For Skin Ageing

Hi! friends, let us discuss the science behind skin ageing & Best Skin Treatment In Madurai. As skin ages, there is a reduction in both the number and size of skin cells. Skin cells over less quickly and wound healing are relatively impaired. To the external observer, these changes become apparent as dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Skin ageing occurs due to various reasons let's see a few of them. DNA is tightly packaged into a thread like structures called chromosomes. Telomeres are specialized regions at the ends of chromosomes. This prevents the ends of chromosomes sticking to one another. Each time cell divides telomere gets shorter when they become too short cells are inactive and die and this process is linked to skin ageing.

The external factor which causes skin ageing is ultraviolet rays of the sun. We have already discussed in the previous blogs to protect skin from the UV rays of the sun. Unlike telomere shortening, there are other internal factors mitochondria damage, hormonal changes, particularly in women. To know about these factors contact Best Skin Treatment In Madurai and to cure all these factors. For more details kindly visit For more updates please visit

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