Wednesday 18 August 2021

How Does Your Skin Work For You? Get To Know!

 How Does Your Skin Work For You? Get To Know!

We all know what skin is and we have that. But do we think any second of our life on how the skin is important for us?  Before getting into its importance, it is very important to know the structure of our skin which leads to its functions and uses. To understand exactly why common skin problems occur and what happens to our skin as it ages, it is important to have a basic understanding of normal skin structure and its constituent components. The Best Skin Doctor In Madurai could do more good for your constituent skin cells. The skin has two main parts: the upper epidermis and the lower dermis.

These together sit on top of a layer of fat and connective tissue that gives the skin its support. The outermost layer of the skin – the upper part of the epidermis and that is known as the stratum corneum. This is made up of dead skin cells that are integral to the skin’s function as a barrier. Skin cells turn over approximately every twenty-eight days, with cells from the upper layers being continually shed and replaced by cells from deeper layers. o know more about skin, and caring for it, you can meet the Best Skin Doctor In Madurai.

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