Tuesday 31 January 2017

Baldness Treatment Options For Men And Women

Baldness Treatment Options For Men And Women

The scenario is one that can affect both men and women and can often be very alarming and worrying. You may well be in the bathroom, looking in the mirror. You feel the top of your head and notice areas that are smooth where hair used to be. At this point you may well ask yourself how this happened. What are these baldness spots on my head and what does it mean?

The important thing is to not panic and to not be afraid to talk with your doctor. Without wanting to alarm people it is important to know what the baldness patches could be. In some cases it could potentially be alopecia areata. In some extreme cases this can cause total baldness in both men and women. As yet there is no known and definitive cure.

However it is important to note that this may not be the case and just because you have it does not necessarily mean you will lose all your hair. The first thing to do is note where the bald patches are. It may be one single patch on the scalp or several grouped together. Once you have noted this you should go Baldness Treatment Madurai to get a diagnosis. In some cases, preventative treatment may help limit the damage to your scalp.

A doctor should be able to give you an accurate diagnosis or refer you to a certified specialist like Adityan. One possible cause of the baldness may be alopecia areata. When people think of alopecia they tend to think of extreme cases that result in total baldness. However it should be emphasized that these are high profile cases because they are relatively rare.

There is no known definitive cure for alopecia areata. While people may lose hair in some instances the hair may be restored naturally. It is not always clear how long this can take. Fortunately there are a number of treatments available that can help prevent hair loss and in some cases restore the hair.

Another example of a possible treatment is corticosteroids. When people think of steroids they may think of anabolic steroids and their illegal use in body building. However this is a different kind and should be prescribed by a certified medical professional. The treatment attacks the inflammation that causes the baldness and helps restore the hair follicles.

In recent years laser treatments have become increasingly popular. This is because it is non invasive. The process works by shining a special type of light on the area several times a week. There are many videos online that can show you how this process works.

What are these baldness spots on my head? Once you ask yourself that question, you should talk to your doctor to get an accurate diagnosis. There are information and product reviews online but you should get advice from Baldness Treatment Madurai professional before making any product purchases. Ideally you should also see if there are any money back guarantees with any treatments and carefully check the ingredients involved. With the right approach you can prevent hair loss and in some cases restore hair growth.

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