Thursday 12 January 2017

How to Find the Best Hair Fall Treatment For You?

How to Find the Best Hair Fall Treatment For You?

Looking for an appropriate treatment is one of the most important steps to getting rid of hair fall. There may be several options available for you but to really cure the problem you need to find the root cause to ensure that you get the right treatment from Hair Fall Treatment Madurai. So let us look at the different ways to find the right solution to halt excessive hair shedding and restore hair volume. 

One of the most important things to remember once you observe that you are losing hair more than the usual is to get a good evaluation from a medical expert. There are a lot of causes that can be attributed to excessive hair loss. It can be hormonal, a side effect of a pre-existing condition, poor nutrition, stress, medications or certain treatments. They are important to consider so that treatment given will be most appropriate and effective. 

Through a consult, the physician will be able to put you through a battery of tests to see any abnormalities in your blood or hormones. For instance, a thyroid panel which checks your thyroid hormones can determine whether you are producing too much or too little. A problem can cause excessive hair loss which can leave your hair to thin and shed off. In this particular case, proper treatment for the underlying condition should be given so that the manifestations can be controlled. 

Aside from organic problems causing hair loss, sometimes extreme emotional stress can also cause hair loss. When the body is tossed into too much emotional stress, it is highly likely that physical stress also accompanies it. This phenomenon places many of the hair follicles into resting phase which causes significant hair loss. For this type of hair loss, the most important treatment would be to relieve the person suffering from that certain stressor. Sometimes, topical or oral hair loss medications may also be used. 

But there are also cases where hair loss is caused by certain medications. In fact as ironic as it may be, even hair loss medications can cause excessive hair shedding as part of its adverse reaction. But before you decide to stop it because it is leading you to go bald, you should always consult with your Adityan Skin Clinic first. Abruptly stopping medications can cause certain side effects or even fatal reactions. When you are guided by medical advice, you will be taught how to taper the dose or find more appropriate alternatives. 

Another factor that can also lead to hair loss is poor nutrition. When you are not getting the right nutrients that promote hair growth such as proteins, iron and some essential vitamins, your hair may lose its vitality, strength and ability to thrive. So before you immediately submit to more aggressive treatments, it is important to look at the basics first. Sometimes the factors that can lead to hair loss may just be easily treated by looking into what you are eating. 

Hormonal causes may be more challenging to treat when it comes to hair loss. The hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which is a derivative from testosterone as it comes in contact with 5-alpha reductase, causes male or female pattern hair loss. This is condition causes the hair to thin, shrink and then falls off permanently and usually in a certain pattern (receding hairline or baldness at the crown area). For this type of hair loss a hair specialist may recommend medications such as Rogaine or Minoxidil. Some may take the easy way and cover it up with hair pieces, while a more permanent and often effective solution is surgical hair restoration. 

Hair transplant can be a viable method to treat permanent hair loss. By removing a piece of the scalp at the back of the head containing the donor hair grafts, these are then individually extracted and then implanted into the recipient or balding site. In a few months' time to a year, with proper healing, you can get really impressive results. Although it is rather expensive, but is has proven to be one of the most reliable hair restoration for this particular case because results are shown to last for many years. Hair Fall Treatment Madurai is the complete choice for getting your hair growth. 

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