Thursday 12 January 2017

Hair Loss Treatment-A Silent Revolution To Cure Baldness

Hair Loss Treatment-A Silent Revolution To Cure Baldness

Hair Fall Treatment Madurai has evolved over the years through intense research and medical science today is capable of curing almost any kind of hair loss problems. Let us at the very outset discuss what the major causes of hair loss are. 

There are three major causes of hair loss predominantly found in both males and females. The first type is caused by hormonal imbalances namely testosterone, which is responsible for masculine appearances and characteristics. The second major cause is genetics-traits that are inherited from the mother's or father's side that influence hair loss. 

The third cause contributes in conjunction with genetics and happens at a particular age when hair follicles produce an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase. Testosterone present in the body combines with 5 alpha reductase to produce dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes the onset of hair loss in males as well as females. 

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is known as a condition where hair loss happens typically on the crown and usually starts with the temples forming an "M" like pattern. 

Female Pattern Baldness (FPB) is known as a condition when there is a gradual thinning of hair and there occurs moderate to heavy hair fall on the hairline and the crown. 

Hair Loss Treatment 

The first step towards treatment of hair loss begins with proper evaluation and consultation with an expert. Usually a doctor ascertains the root cause of the hair loss and prepares a plan of action.

The next step for hair growth solution involves either laser treatment or hair transplants. Laser treatment stimulates re-growth of hair by restoring and bathing the scalp and its micro circulatory system. Hair transplant system stimulates natural hair growth by taking hair from thick growth areas and transplanting them in the thinning areas.Hair Fall Treatment Madurai is a very reliable and safe procedure that helps in natural hair growth and provides effective hair loss solution. One must note that in the process of hair transplant only a small number of donor hairs are available. The Adityan Skin Clinic has to carefully evaluate the treatment strategy by carefully evaluating the age, hair loss pattern and hair condition of the patient.

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