Monday 4 September 2017

Why We Lose Hair?

Why We Lose Hair?

It is believed that an adult scalp has around 100,000 hairs on the scalp and on average 100-150 hair strands are lost every day. However, if the number of hair loss increases beyond 150, you will have to consult a hair specialist and get your scalp evaluated. A number of factors contribute to hair loss and we have listed a few for your understanding.

Hair loss can lead both the sex male as well as female towards baldness. It generally occurs due to poor diet or stress or some percentage of people causes baldness because they have in their genes.After trying out many natural remedies, including high intake of the drug on a daily basis can have an adverse effect on your health, and they don’t even assure you to give the 100% results. The only option left with the people is hair transplant.Though people are afraid about the side effects and cost of hair transplant, there is nothing to worry about. India is steadily becoming a medical hub for hair transplant as hair transplant cost in India is low compared to other western countries but the treatment provided is at par with the western countries Hair Transplantation Madurai has gained its popularity since past many years.

Especially the young youth who are about to get married or planning for it; walk in for the hair transplant procedure. It is a modern technique that implants hair follicle on bald areas.Our Adityan clinic has serviced All you need is a professional and experienced doctor who has perfect skills for the surgery.They have provided this hair Transplantation is an affordable price to their customer without side effect.

Madurai is a major city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.It has a lot of wonders.This wonder shows its traditional structure.Hair Transplantation Madurai has placed at Andalpuram in this wonderful city.Madurai is one of the few places in Tamil Nadu which provides the best quality hair transplant at an affordable cost. The Madurai clinics use the latest methods and advanced technology for hair transplantation which is used by the top nations famous for hair restoration treatment. Thus, Hair Transplantation Madurai provides the best hair transplant treatment which is at par with the treatment offered by developed nations.For more about this Hair Transplantation to click our website( and get brief explanation about your doubts.

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