Friday 2 February 2018

It's Time To Rejuvenate Your Skin

It's Time To Rejuvenate Your Skin

Hii guys.Come let's get a smart look and feel proud of our cuteness.Friends, what is skin?Skin is also an organ of our body like head, tongue, mouth, eyes etc., intact skin is the largest organ of our body.It takes place many activities of our body.It protects our skin from infections, sun exposure and from other natural and health hazards.

Leave your concerns about your skin problems.Because all your skin defects are going to get concluded by our Dr.Adityan dermatologist having skin & hair clinic in Madurai.Now it also easy to reach our clinic for the people those who are in Melur.The Best Skin Clinic In Melur.

Nowadays many people are interested to draw tattoos on their skin.Almost it is also becoming a trend.But some people are not happy about their decision after doing it.Don't worry now we are having a laser treatment in a very simple and easy way to remove the tattoos without any pain.And nobody can able to find that you have a tattoo before.

Laser treatment removes tattoos by breaking up the pigment colors with a high-intensity light beam. If you have a black color tattoo it absorbs the wavelength easier and makes it easier to remove.Other colors will be treated by selected lasers based upon the pigment color.

First, fix a consulting schedule with our doctor and then start the laser treatment to remove the tattoo.The treatment depends on the age, and size of the tattoo.You can get the latest laser treatment in Dr.Adityan Skin & Hair Clinic in Madurai.He is providing treatments not only for removing tattoos.

He is also providing hair growth treatment, hair fall control treatment, skin care treatments.
To visit our clinic the routing from Melur to Madurai is mentioned below.

via Madurai - Madagupatti Rd-(31.8 km)

via Melur - Azhagarkovil Road and Natham - Madurai Rd-(41.8 km)

Way 1:

From Melur to reach Mattuthavani or M.G.R.Nilayam you can travel by bus or train.From there to Andalpuram you get route bus to reach the Andalpuram stop.The bus routes are(48Y-MATTUTHAVANI TO THIRUMANGALAM ROUTE).

Way 2:

From Melur reach Periyar bus stand by bus.From there to Aandalpuram stop you can get route bus(48, 14, 5 series- Thirupparangundram Route, Moolakkarai Route, Thirunagar Route, Astinpatti Route, Thirumangalam Route)

To contact dial (Ph No: 81 11 000 000) our site link is online booking also available to confirm your appointment send a mail to The Best Skin Clinic In Melur.


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