Friday 7 September 2018



Warm greetings to Madurai people, the climate of our city and our skin type are two different poles. As said different poles attract each other, both climate and our skin type will react and cause acne, pimples, etc. Acne/Pimple Scar Treatment Madurai guide us to keep ourselves away from acne/pimple spots and scars. How these pimples form? Let me explain you about the pimples. Acne is a chronic disease which is inflammatory in the skin. This cause pimple and spots on face especially, neck, shoulders, back, chest and in upper arms too. The formation of acne spots is of four modules, whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, cysts. This is not a big disease to fear for, it generally occurs in adults and teens between 12-24 years, due to hormone changes.

Acne is not a dangerous disease but at times it may leave permanent scars. You can try to avoid acne scars by not picking or squeezing at the pimples. Our skin has small pores which are connected to oil glands and hair follicles under the skin. This oil gland produces sebum which carries dead cells with it. These dead cells, oil and hair club together to form a pimple under the skin. It starts to develop with the help of bacteria and gets ready to burst out. These are the functions happening behind a pimple. It can also pop up due to hormonal changes, greasy cosmetics, emotional stress, etc.

The following factors will make your acne go worse, Squeezing, scrubbing or picking at the skin, pollution, Greasy products for skin or hair with oil, Make-up and makeup brushes that are with dirt, Hormones, acne often worsens during puberty and at the time of women’s menstrual cycles. The only thing which gives us relief is, not all acne scars are permanent, the acne spots may take many weeks or months and sometimes years to fade. Doing relevant home remedies can help us to get clear from the black spots and acne scars. The worse acne scars and pimples cannot be removed only with home remedies, it needs a dermatologist to clear them from our face. Dr. Adityan, who won a gold medal during M.D (D.V.L.), PG degree, will make your face look a pimple free.

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