Friday 7 September 2018



Hey Teens, are you worried about your face because of our climate change? Probably, changes in climate will affect your skin which may cause acne/pimple. The Acne/Pimple Cure in Madurai will make you clear your doubts. So, people, have you noticed that your skin may break out during summer or winter according to the skin types. All type of climate like Hot, Dry, Humid and Cold weathers. In hot weather, our skin may dry though we tend to sweat a ton which sounds like not a good thing. We people often can't wash our face or take a shower whenever we sweat, this allows bacteria to go deep into pores which waits for the next breakout. Sometimes our weather becomes dry which creates irritation and dead skin cells as twice as in hot climate.

Dry climate removes moisture from your body which produces much oil to compensate for the dryness. Okay, now let we see if humid climate helps us to live peacefully without acne/pimples. Humidity makes our body to sweat abnormally, which will block pores and cause breakouts. The moisture in the air will trigger our skin to produce more oil than normal. This will be tough for oily skin people which makes pimples to pop up. Now you will think, ufff... then in which climate we shall be free with acne/ a pimple? At least cold climate will help us? If you think so, then I'm so sorry, even cold climate can't help you out. Also, cold climate causes dryness which is the perfect place for bacterias to form pimples.

We try many chemical agents to fight against blemishes and acne spots. Actually, some people are more prone to pimples which is mainly due to hormone and genetic factors. These acne/pimples can be treated in our home by washing our face twice a day, the main thing is we should not pick our pimples, it may look tempting to squeeze it but it is not wise choice to do. Picking at pimples is the main reason for acne scars. If you can't control it, then consult the skin specialist to solve your skin problems. Guys, don't search for skin clinic when Dr. Adityan provides you with the best treatment for acne/pimple and all other skin problems.

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