Thursday 20 September 2018



Hello Madurai about the weather there? I guess it's not hot like other days. Well everyone have a good day. We shall start about Alopecia. Alopecia? what? what is that? I know you will make many questions like this. Hair Loss Treatment In Madurai gives an answer, Alopecia is nothing but the common Hair Fall problem, which occurs to both Men and Women. Also, hair shaft breakage is something different from hair loss problem. A hair shaft breakage or hair damage is something which can be resolved using different home remedies or using special serums and shampoos. But Hair loss differs from this as the hair once lost is permanent and doesn't grow again which the hair count will be decreasing and makes hair look thinner.

The hair loss is seen in both men and women because of androgens which are more dramatic in men. Some reasons which cause hair loss are Thyroid disease, protein deficiency, chemotherapy, low vitamin level, and a high dose medication. You know what, somewhere our hair loss and stress are correlated. Both physical and emotional stress can cause hair loss. Between, do you what is physical stress? It is not that we work physically with our hands and legs, physical stress is serious illness or recovery from surgery. These kinds of stress can cause hormonal changes that cause hair loss. But they say hair loss is not because of internal disease or poor diet. It is due to the aging of people which starts in the 30s.

But in today's lifestyle, hair loss can be seen in young age groups and in teens. So, it's getting tough to identify the exact reason behind hair loss. They say hair loss in teens occur because of the different hairstyles they do and also of coloring hair, using hot devices on hair for different hairstyle can also cause hair loss. So, the reason behind our hair loss problem still lies as a big question mark. Whatever the reason be, we start trying all the home remedies to solve our hair loss problem. But if sometimes these home remedies can cause more hair loss problems. Don't get worried, a dermatologist will give you the best solution for your hair loss problems. 

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