Sunday 13 November 2016

Different Types of Laser Treatments and its Benefits

Different Types of Laser Treatments and its Benefits

Lasers are most widely used in cosmetic treatments and it can fix various skin related issues and gives more beauty to the skin. Laser lights are of a single wavelength and have high energy. It produces heat and this is used in the specific areas of the skin that needs to be treated. There are different types of laser units and each one is used for different types of treatments. Professionals like Adityan Best Laser Skin Center offer various laser treatments and here we will see the different skin problems that can be solved using laser lights.


Fine lines and wrinkles can make one look older and can affect the overall beauty. Wrinkles appear on face as a result of skin getting exposed to UV rays and other pollutants present in the atmosphere. Fine lines can also be treated using laser treatment. In case of wrinkles the skin is tightened to give a youthful appearance using specialized laser treatment.

The powerful laser beam is used to cut the skin and this is used in the place of a surgical knife. Moreover laser can be used to remove warts from the skin without leaving any scar.

Hair Removal

Laser treatment center has facility to remove hair from the skin permanently. Cosmetic surgeons adjust the beam in such a way to go in combination with the color of the skin and hair. It can completely stop the hair growth and provide a permanent solution to stop hair growth in unwanted place. The top benefit of using laser rays is it does not affect the skin or follicle while stopping the hair growth. Laser hair removal is well suited for fair skin as well as dark complexion.

Scars and Acne 

Laser lights are also used for acne treatment and it can completely remove acne without leaving a single spot or a scar on the face. Acnes which are deeper needs a stronger beam of light, moreover active acne can also be treated through this method. Blocked deep pores in the skin can also be unclogged using this method.

Lesion and Spots 

Skin Doctor at Best Laser Skin Center, Madurai also remove birth marks and spots on the skin with the help of laser light. They can even fix problems like broken blood vessels that ruin the beautiful texture of skin.


Removing tattoos is now possible through Best Laser Skin Center, high amount of heat produced by the laser beam is shown over the tattoo that melts the ink inside it, in course of time the body completely removes it. A person may require several sittings to remove it completely and it depends upon the ink color and tattoo design.

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