Tuesday 19 June 2018



Junk foods, Chocolates, Cool drinks, etc will cause pimples. The vegetables like brinjal will affect the skin for some  people. So try to avoid that food and protect your skin. Skins are very sensitive part in our body. Severe acne/pimple will  lead to pus. There are various types of pimples. These pimples may appear surface of the skin or deep of the skin. A pimple  may sometimes cause inflammation and infection. Pimple will not spread from one person to another. If you have problems in  hair you will have pimples in your face that is if you suffered from dandruff it will reflect on your face because Sebaceous  glands are in the skin that secretes oily matter(sebum) into hair follicles that will lubricate the hair and skin. The hair  follicle is a sac from which hair grows and in which sebaceous glands opens. The areas where a pimple often affects are a  face, back, chest, and shoulders because these are the areas where sebaceous glands have appeared. When these sebaceous  glands are infected it leads to red lesions, swollen, pimples, acne, pus, etc. To get a remedy for your skin problems and  hair problems within a short span of time at affordable cost meet "Dr.Adityan"- Best dermatologist. In Madurai, Dr.Adityan's  Skin and laser hair centre is the Best Skin Hospital In Madurai.

HI ALL... I am Jenifer and my hometown is in Theni.  I was suffered from severe Acne in 2016. I am ready to pay the  amount. But I can't find best skin specialist doctor. I researched the Dermatologist in Madurai. Luckily I found Dr.Adityan.  I asked about his clinic in Madurai People. Majority of People in Madurai suggested this clinic. He is the best  dermatologist. Always the clinic is a crowd. Because People in and around Madurai will undergo skin and hair problem  treatment at this clinic. I too started to take the treatment there. I found better result within a month. 6months after I  gained my glowing skin back. Thanks to Dr.Adityan for providing such a wonderful treatment at affordable cost. 

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