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Skin Care Specialist- Dr.Adityan

HI ALL... Do you know Acne is not just a skin problem it is a reflection of the inner imbalance in the body? To get a good  and effective solution for your acne problem I would suggest an allopathy treatment. Have seen wonderful effects of allopathy  treatment on Acne and other skin diseases within a short span at  Dr.Adityan Skin and Hair Laser Centre- Acne/Pimple  Treatment In Madurai. Should not Intake capsules and use of other cosmetics creams, soaps for acne problem without the  prescription of best dermatologist in Madurai. Dr.Adityan is providing laser therapy for skin problems. This is new  technology which reduces the growth of acne without any side effects and also there will be no pain for the patient during  treatments. Nearly 90% of people will suffer from acne in their lifetime. 

Reasons for Acne:

Eating excess of oily and junk foods, not exercising, Regularly touching face by hand, less water intake, not cleaning  properly, extra oily and dry skin.

The solution for Acne:

Though you may have mild acne undergo treatment at best skin clinic in Madurai. Once if you got a remedy for your skin  problem eat more fruits and vegetables. Regularly keep an ice pack on your face. Apply some fruits face pack like cucumber,  papaya. 

Reason for Acne/Pimple Growth

Skin breakout for both male and female during puberty stage. It will be a small pimple. For some people, it will be cleared.  Those will get a severe pimple which leads to acne. The reason is they may have some problems with their hair follicles or  damage in the skin cells. If the oil organs have some blocks due to bacteria formation there will be a depletion of oil  secretion. This brings the growth of pimples. The acne/pimple will start to spread on face, chest, back, shoulders, and neck. 

The advantage of Laser Acne Treatments:

Laser therapy for skin problems could help to remove age spots, skin discoloration, and wrinkles. Laser therapy will totally  destroy the bacterial growth. It reduced the redness and inflammation. Laser treatment is best for treating both mild and  extreme acne. Laser treatment is the quick and painless procedure, Results will appear rapidly, Destroys acne-causing  bacteria, reduces oil production, acne inflammation control.

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