Tuesday 19 June 2018



Acne/pimple treatment will differs. Some may suffered severe some may have less based on the grade of involvement the  treatment will be given. Please stop doing self-treatment. Because skin is the very sensitive part in your body and also skin  infection will easily spread to other parts. Some will burst their pimples with the fingers or safety pin. This is an idiotic  activity as a result it leads to ugly scars. The marks and pores obtained after the heal of pimple, chicken box, delivery (baby birth) can also be treated. Intake of more Junk foods, icecreams, oily food, chocolates, sweets will increase the  growth of acne and pimples. Severe cause of acne is pimple. Acne or pimple is the common skin problem affects mostly adults  and teenagers. Hormonal change is the major factor for acne. Depends on the grade of involvement the treatment will be given  to the patients. Accurate diagnosis and treatment will be given at Acne/Pimple Cure In Madurai for the patient who suffered  from acne/pimple. I suggest you to intake fruits and vegetables once you got heal from your acne/pimple problems. Most of the  skin problems is mainly due to deficiency. If you have healthy skin take more fruits and vegetables. The precaution for your  skin problems. Eating lot of fruits helps to gain a glowing skin.

HI ALL... I am Reeta, living in Madurai. During my college days, I had small pimples, dark spots, and red marks on my face.  To overcome my skin problems, I use capsules and acne guard soap prescribed by many doctors. It reduced my acne but doesn't  cure my pimple and dark spot. I suffered a lot and very depressed. I searched for the best skin clinic for acne. At last, I  found Dr.Adityan skin and hair laser centre. Really I was surprised they are providing an outstanding service at affordable  cost. I got 100% remedy for my skin problem within a short span of time. My suggestion is not to go anywhere for your  acne/pimple problem and avoid using capsules, cream, and other cosmetics. Just get a prescription from Acne/Pimple Cure In  Madurai and follow the instructions of Dr.Adityan soon you will be cured.

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