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Human beings have 5 sense organs in their body. They are eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. The largest organ in our body  is Skin. There are two layers of the skin. They are Epidermis and Dermis. Skintone is created by Epidermis. Since it is the  outermost layer of the skin. The dermis is beneath the skin that connects to the hair follicle. Every dermatologist will  check your hair first when you are suffered from skin problem. Because there is a connection between your hair and skin via  hair follicle. People in and around Madurai will analysis Dr.Adityan's Skin and Hair laser centre which is the Best Skin  Clinic In Theni to heal their skin problems. 


*) Protection
*) Regulation
*) Sensation
Skin protects us from pressure, temperature, mechanical impacts, microorganisms, radiations, and chemicals. Skin regulates  our body by performing some physiology aspects. Skin helps to create a sense of a touch, pain, heat, cold. That helps to  detect changes in the environment.  

Since we are living in the polluted environment. There are so many ways to affect your skin. Proper skin care is needed  for everyone. List of skin diseases acne, cold sore, blister, hives, Carbuncle, Latex allergy, Keratosis pilaris, rosacea,  psoriasis, vitiligo, etc. Acne/pimple and some of the diseases are temporary. Both male and female will suffer from acne at  puberty stage. Diseases like Rosacea, psoriasis, vitiligo is permanent skin diseases. These diseases cannot have the  permanent remedy. But it can be treated. When you suffered from this you may be thought that since this has no remedy then  why it should be treated? Skin is the very sensitive part. These diseases are very severe. It affects you to do your regular  activities. In the end, you will be depressed. When you treat at skin specialist doctor you will be cured and can do your  regular activities without any depression.  Get rid of your skin problems with the aid of Best Skin Clinic In Theni.

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