Thursday 17 August 2017

How Does Cold Weather Impact Your Hair?

How Does Cold Weather Impact Your Hair?


The Festive Season is here and winter has already set in! This is a time when our hair needs to look its very best, despite the cold weather outside.Not only does winter affect your skin, it also causes problems for your hair. Therefore, it’s time to talk about winter hair care.Hair Fall Treatment Madurai has explained the tips for hair loss precautions.

Some of my tips for caring for black hair in winter:

Well, regular deep conditioning is a must. Treat your hair to a pamper session each week with a replenishing conditioner. You should also show your hair some love with the odd hot-oil treatment, which will infuse your hair with the essential nutrients it needs to combat the cold.

Never leave the house with wet hair when the temperature dips below freezing. Aside from giving yourself one helluva cold, the hair itself could freeze and snap off. So if you’re heading out early in the morning but you still like to co-wash, try doing it before bedtime to give your hair time to dry before you head outside into the cold. Just seal with oil and tie down with a satin scarf at night.

I don’t use heat on my hair anyway, but if you do then try not to heat style your hair too much. This will dry out your hair at the best of times but in winter when your hair is screaming for moisture, heat will only make the problem 10x worse! Remember, it’s all about putting the moisture back into your hair, not stripping away further moisture.

Try to get a humidifier to keep the moisture levels up at home. This will pay dividends, not only for your hair but for your skin too. If you can’t do this, try keeping a bowl of water in the room at night to keep some moisture in the air.

Keep your head warm! Wear a hat – not just for your hair, but for your health too. Remember that the same principle with cotton pillow cases applies with your head wear. Woolen hats will deplete the moisture from your hair and rub the ends up the wrong way, so wear a satin scarf underneath your hat or buy a hat that’s lined with satin or satin type material suitable for natural black hair. Be careful with those scarves too, don’t let them get caught in the back of your hair and cause split ends!

This is helpful for your hair growth at during winter.But it is not for permanent.If you want to long and shine hair at any season, Visit our Hair Fall Treatment Madurai and then get the long life hair growth.Our clinic has a good reputation for providing hair loss treatment.For your appointment contact(7373163000) at any time for your appointment.

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