Thursday 17 August 2017

Role of Vitamin D in Hair Loss

Role of Vitamin D in Hair Loss

Vitamin D is understood to be one of the most important nutrients required for the body to function optimally and for an individual to be healthy. It is also famous as the nutrient our body can absorb simply through exposure to sun.A deficiency in this essential vitamin can have many negative consequences, and has even been linked to hair loss directly and indirectly.Role of Vitamin D in Hair Loss.When an individual is deficient in vitamin D there are numerous consequences on the body, many of which can lead to hair loss or thinning hair.This modern radical wold had produced lot of pollution that also affected our hair. so finally we have to taggle this problem by the Best Hair Specialist In Madurai.They have to used new technology for those problems and have produced better result for their patience.

A study from the Best Hair Specialist In Madurai discusses research on the role of vitamin D in hair disorders and the cycling process of the hair follicle. Vitamin D plays an important roll in the differentiation and proliferation of keratinocytes, and the researchers sought to further understand the role of vitamin D in the process of anagen initiation as it relates to hair growth.The best natural resource of vitamin D is gain from sun.

The Science, Technique and Esthetics of Surgical Hair Restoration

Sound science and excellent surgical technique are two legs of the triad of surgical hair restoration. The third leg, just as essential, is esthetic judgment. Medical knowledge, surgical skill and esthetic judgment together comprise the science and art of surgical hair restoration. The Best Hair Specialist In Madurai combines good science, excellent surgical skills and a "good eye" to achieve medically sound and esthetically satisfactory surgical hair restoration.For more details about our treatement process visit our website (

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