Saturday 6 October 2018

Enjoy The Rainy Season Without Skin Problems

Enjoy The Rainy Season Without Skin Problems

Hi Friends! How is the weather there? Are you enjoy the rain in Dindigul? There is no person who doesn't like the rain. All of us like the enchanting beauty of this season. After a hot summer, monsoon will come along with chill and pleasant climate. The entire floor will fill up with greenish. And all of us love to drench in the drizzles. Apart from this, Best Skin Clinic In Dindigul says, though the monsoon is the most pleasant season of all, it comes with many skin issues due to the rise of humidity level. And the dangerous diseases like Dengue and Malaria also come along with the rainy season. So that we have more conscious in this seasons than the other seasons.

Due to the excessive humidity and wetness our skin affected by many skin problems given below:

 1) fungal infections
 2) Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating
 3) Pigmentation/patchy uneven skin
 4) Skin allergies
 5) Acne and Eczema
 6) Facial Folliculitis
 7) Hyperhidrosis
 8) Nail infection
 9) Psoriasis
 10)Prickly heat
 11) Heat rash
 12) Athlete's foot

How to Prevent From This?

 1) Always be clean and dry
 2) Do not walk with bare feet. Wear chappals and cotton socks.
 3) Wear light, loose cotton clothing.
 4) Keep the skin fold areas dry by anti-fungal powder to avoid fungal infections
 5) Don't share your towel or clothes with anyone
 6) If you have an injury, cover it with clean, waterproof bandage to avoid the infections.
 7) Wash your hands properly.
 8) Wear clean and dry clothes.
 9) Take a healthy diet to improve your immune system.

These are only preventive tips. The skin problems during the rainy season are not life-threatening. But if they are uncured, it increase the risk and the severeness of the diseases. So the better solution is to get treatment in a skin clinic. Adityan Skin Clinic is the Best Skin Clinic In Dindigul. They give you the best and high standard treatment. And they give you the proper advice to cure your skin diseases. They are very responsive and respective. And they prescribed medicines with no side effects. Also, the cost of the fee is affordable. They ensure you the fast recovery. 

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