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Hi everyone, We all know our city's climate is too hot. The heat we feel in our city causes many skin problems like Acne, Pimples, Ringworm, etc. Because our skin is exposed to the outside, it gets affected soon. Allergens, environmental irritants, infection, hereditary factors, and stress are just some of the few things that can trigger your skin and make troubles. Best Skin Doctor In Madurai differentiates skin disorder and skin condition. Skin problems may be from small red bumps to widespread rashes. According to the type of skin disorder the condition of the skin may differ, which is from harmless to highly contagious and sometimes itchy, and painful.

Some people suffer from allergy from allergens like certain foods, animal hair, wool, or soaps. These triggers our sense to get redness and itching on the skin. Viruses, fungi, bacteria, or parasites will make our skin issues to develop more. Our skin reflects the overall health of our body which gives changes in color, texture, and appearance. If you can see any inflammations on your skin, then it is the common symptom of skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. Our jewelry contains nickel, which may cause allergy to some people, this can be seen as Red splotches. Red blotches on the face may be rosacea, a common skin problem that can be mistaken for acne. Acne is different from rosacea.

Acne occurs when oil, dead cells and dirt block the pores. Pimples under the skin’s surface that forms as a white center are called whiteheads when these pimples exposed to air, it turns into black which is so-called blackheads. Acne can also be skin blemishes, pink bumps, red, pus-filled pimples, nodules, spots, or cysts. Acne usually can be seen on our face, back, neck, chest, and shoulders. Usually, Teens are more prone to getting affected by acne. These pimples can burst out if they can't bear the heat. Picking or squeezing at your pimples may worsen its actual condition. This also leaves permanent marks on our skin. The above all skin disorders can be treated with home remedies. 

But skin disorder can't be completely cured using home remedies. You need a skin specialist to cure it permanently. Dr. Adityan - the Best Skin Doctor In Madurai makes your all skin problems to vanish in a short time. His accurate diagnosis and correct treatment will make your skin clear from all kind of skin diseases. He gives treatment for any type of skin, hair and nail conditions. Book your appointments now @ 7373163000. Contact them @ +91 81 11 000 000 | +91 73 73 140 000 | +91 73 73 141 111 or @ To know more, Visit @

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