Wednesday 31 October 2018

Get Problem Free Skin @


Get Problem Free Skin @

Hi Madurai people! Everyone wishes to have a healthy and blemish free skin. Some people have such a skin naturally while others are not. Our health can be reflected through our skin. There are many reason such as climatic changes, exposure of the sun, weakened immuned system, fungal infections, contact with allergens, irritants or other's person infected skin, genetic factors,  chemical skin care products, too much of makeup, hormones, that caused the skin problmes such as psoriasis, eczema, Acne/pimple, cold sore, ringworm, Vititligo, warts etc., And these diseases announces those arrivals through some symptoms
For example, Inflammations appear on the skin may be a symptom of skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema  etc., Red splothces  on the face may be a sign of rosacea, sometimes it can be misunderstand as acne. Petechiae, tiny red dots on the skin may be a sign of certain infections, medical conditions or some physical trauma. Like this, there are many symptoms. Here I list some of the symptoms

4)Painful or itchy rash
5)Flaky, scaly skin
8)Bumps that are red or white
9)Peeling skin
11)dry, cracked skin
12)discolored patches of skin
13)Changes in the mole's color or size
14)a loss of skin pigment
15)excessive flushing
16)open sores or lesions

Here I give you some preventive tips to avoid skin problems.

1)Always keep your hands clean
2)Use moisturizer with sun protection
3)Boost the immune system
4)Take healthy foods
5)Use gentle skin care products
6)Drink enough water
7)Don't expose yourself in the sunrays between 12 to 2 pm
8)Use skin care products suitable for your skin type

These are only preventive tips. If the problem get severe, you must consult a dermatologist who gives you the Best Skin Treatment In Madurai. If you ask me, I suggest Dr.Adityan - No.1 dermatologist in Madurai who give you the permanant solution to your skin problems. He will diagnose the root cause for your problem accurately and give the relavant treatment. He is highly professional and sincere to his work. And he behaves very friendly towards his patients. If you ask any doubt, he will explain it clearly.

In his Adityan Skin Clinic, they give the Best Skin Treatment In Madurai. They give the high standard treatment with advanced techniques and advanced equipments. Hospital environment is very hi-fi and cost of fee is affordable. 

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