Tuesday 8 January 2019

Look More Younger Even At Old Age

Look More Younger Even At Old Age



Human Hair composed of Protein and Keratin. The chemical composition of Hair is:

Carbon  : 50.56%
Hydrogen: 6.38%
Nitrogen: 17.14%
Sulphur : 5.00%
Oxygen  : 20.85%

This chemical composition varies with the colour of the hair. Root and shaft are the two main parts of a hair.


Poor circulation of blood, poor maintenance and improper diet are the causes of Dandruff problem. There are two types of Dandruff. They are Dry Dandruff and waxy Dandruff. Both the types are contagious and can spread by the use of combs, brushes, towels, soaps and other articles. Dandruff causes Hairfall. Controlling a dandruff problem can sure your Hair fall problem.

Patchy Baldness:

The sudden appearance of small bald circles on the scalp is known as patchy baldness. It may be due to serious disease, anaemia, great anxiety or sudden shock. Premature baldness is typically occurring due to hereditary.

This is also referred to hair loss problem.

Any form of Hair loss is called as Alopecia in medical term. The hair loss in alopecia does not regrow unless if it is treated with any encouraging hair growth treatment. Alopecia is a particular type of baldness in patches and with proper treatment, the baldness patches again grow hair, but it takes months time for the full growth. Best Hair Specialist In Madurai says Alopecia is generally of three types.

1. Alopecia Senilis – Usually occurs in old age where the hair loss is permanent.
2. Alopecia Premature- It is the form of baldness beginning any time before middle age by a slow thinning process.
3. Alopecia Aerata- It is the sudden falling of hair in round patches or baldness and happens even at a young age.

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