Thursday 3 January 2019

Meet Dr.Adityan To Stop Hair Fall

Meet Dr.Adityan To Stop Hair Fall


Do you know some facts about Human hair? We think that every hair is different and no hair of one’s matches with other person’s hair type. But all hair types have some similarities if we deeply look into that.

1.    Hair grows faster in warm climates.
2.    The average of Hair we have in our scalp is 1,00,000 to 1,50,000
3.   Hair Fall Treatment In Madurai says Cutting hair will not increase the growth of the hair.
4.    It is mostly made out of keratin
5.    Most common color of hair is black and red color hair is very rare
6.    Healthy hair can stretch 30 % more when it is wet.
7.    A new hair grows as soon the hair plucked from the scalp
8.    The lifespan of a single hair is nearly 5 years. Not more than that.
9.    A healthy hair is stronger than the copper wire with the same width.
10.  Blow drying changes the shape of the hair.

Hair is the main factor that involves in our beauty as like our face. It plays an important role as equal to our face in showing us younger. One needs to put the effort for hair too if we try to look beautiful. What if you lost most of the hairs from the scalp within a short period of time? Losing 80- 100 hairs every day is common to all. But losing more quantity than said is considered as hair loss. So one should go and meet the trichologist once they notice sudden heavy hair loss. Because always Prevention is better than cure. Your trichologist will first analyze the cause of your hair loss. Because we need to treat our hair according to the need. That’s why identifying the cause is very much important in hair fall treatment.

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