Tuesday 8 January 2019

Save Your Hair, Save Your Beauty

Save Your Hair, Save Your Beauty



Hi all, Let us see what is Baldness in this article. I am happy to share my knowledge on Baldness with you. Hair Balding problem affects men than women. In a survey conducted worldwide, 75 % of women say “we don’t date with bald-headed”. Androgenetic alopecia which is known as Male patterned baldness makes half of the men aged 50. Just Think about how you will be looking at without having hair on your head even at the age of 30. Dating, marriage everything will not go so smooth. How will you be treated by your friend's circle? There are pharmaceutical solutions like finasteride, Monixidil that stops your hair fall. But taking medications without understanding the cause is fruitless. Baldness Treatment In Madurai says Baldness begins in the hairline, first you may see, mildly receded hairline that turns into V-shaped hairline. In most cases, this will start with hair thinning that begins around the temples rather than total hair loss. On average people used to lose around 100 hairs per day. But it is not considered as Hair loss. 

When you notice a bunch of hair on your hands or comb while taking bath, brush. You will also see the hairs on your pillow. When You notice hairs on your pillow you should start taking the action against hair fall.

How to stop hair fall?

By taking over the counter medicines. But if it is a serious stage one must go for the laser treatment.

The main cause of hair fall which leads to head balding is stress, tensions, pressures, hereditary and cancer. You might have seen a cancer patient lose all their hair in a very short span of time. At Adityan skin and hair Laser centre, they use Laser technology for Hair balding treatment. And this makes people come over here from all area of Tamilnadu. It is worth the money we pay. They have Low-Level Laser which has penetrated its lights on the affected area on your head. The lights they Fallon the affected area clears the problem and stimulates hair to regrow. This is how Baldness Treatment In Madurai works well with people. To know more about them call @73 73 163 000 to book your appointment and further queries.

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