Wednesday 24 March 2021

Shortcuts To Solving Sun Problems

 Shortcuts To Solving Sun Problems

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Nowadays everyone gives importance to skin problems. Some people have sunburn problems, prickly heat, heat exhaustion, and heat-stroke issue.  Some of them search for the Best Skin Care Centre In Madurai. Madurai is the best place for saving your money. You can get solutions at an affordable price. For this reason, most people choose is Madurai.

In this blog, we discuss shortcuts to solve the sun problem.


Sunburn has long-term detrimental effects on the skin and should be avoided. Contrary to population myth, you do not have to burn to get a tan. And, just in case you are still wondering, you can still get a tan using the high protection factor. If you do burn, however, keep your skin cool and clear and soothe it with calamine lotion or natural yogurt.  Aloe vera is another good sunburn calamine, as is the essential oil from the bark of the tea tree. 

Prickly heat 

This spotty rash occurs as a result of blocked sweat glands, mostly appearing on the chest, back, and arms, and you can take steps to prevent it. Avoid string sunlight, especially between elven in the morning and three in the afternoon when the sun is at its strongest. Wear high-factor sunscreens that screen out both UVA and UVB rays. 

Take cool showers or bathe frequently, patting the skin dry afterward. Also, avoid activities that make you sweat a lot.  If you do develop prickly heat, stay in the cool, apply calamine lotion or talcum powder and wear loose clothing.

Heat exhaustion and heat-stroke

Avoid succumbing to either heat exhaustion or heat-stroke by resisting the temptation to lie in the hot sun for hours on end. Keep your body cool by going for a swim at regular intervals. 

Heat exhaustion

There are three types of heat exhaustion, all of which can be fatal: water deficiency, salt deficiency, and anhidrotic.


The symptoms of heat-stroke are your body temperature rises but you do not sweat as this heat-regulating mechanism is not functioning correctly. You develop a severe headache, feel faint or disoriented, stagger or start to convulse. The skin is hot and may feel dry. ‘Sunstroke’ is an incorrect term-you can get heat-stroke without being in the sun. 

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