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Various Skin Disorder

 Various Skin Disorder

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Skin, like any other organ of the body, is quite prone to illness and applications. Discussed below are its various disorders and their treatments according to different schools of medicines.  In this blog, we discuss various skin disorders and how to cure that skin disorder and you can get a solution from Best Skin Care Centre In Madurai.


Cellulitis is an infection that spreads within the skin and is characterized by a puffy, red swelling that extends from the site of the original infection and feels warm to the touch. The inflammation of cellulitis is usually too diffuse to cause the formation of pus anywhere other than in the original boil.


Highly contagious, impetigo is an infection of the skin caused by streptococcus and staphylococcus bacteria.  It results in the eruption of small, red, raised bumps that develop into tiny blisters and ooze a sticky fluid to leave raw, red sores. 

These sores may appear on the cheeks, the lips, and at the nostrils. Their appearance is similar to that of cold sores or herpes, except that impetigo spreads more rapidly and does not confine itself to one part of the body.


A painful, blistering rash that can develop only in people who have had chickenpox, at some time in their, lives. Beginning with severe pain and without any apparent reason, the onset of shingles is followed by a skin eruption, or rash, in the painful area. The rash normally clears after a few weeks, often leaving scars where the blisters have been.

Cold sores

Cold sores are small blisters that usually appear around the mouth and nostrils and develop into uncomfortable watery sores. They are caused by herpes simplex, a common and infectious virus that can also attack other parts of the face.

While this condition can be painful and annoying, it is not a serious health condition. however, cold sores are contagious and can have a dangerous effect on babies.

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