Thursday 22 November 2018

Get Head Full Of Hair With Dr Adityan’s Laser Treatment

Get Head Full Of Hair With Dr Adityan’s Laser Treatment

Hi Madurainz.., Are you suffering from Hair Loss? Hair Growth Treatment Madurai says Losing 100 hairs out of 1,00,000 hairs is a normal one. That happens every day. If you experience a loss of some more hair like 200-300, then you are advised to meet your doctor for help. If you lose excessive hair loss like 500-600, then you will definitely get head bald head. Losing hair before attaining 30 is the major problem we youngsters face nowadays. If you experience hair loss with itching then there is an infection on your scalp. In this condition, you need Hair Specialist’s help. First of all, we need to analyse the cause of hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss:

1.When the baby is born, the mother faces excessive hair loss.
2.Hormonal changes and medical conditions
3.Family history(Heredity)
4.Radiation therapy to the head
5.A very stressful event
6.Certain Hairstyles like braids, buns or ponytails and treatments
7.Medications and supplements
8. Smoking

Laser Hair Treatment:

Hair Growth Treatment Madurai
says Laser hair treatment is a trendy and non-drug treatment which is approved by FDA. Before implementing Laser treatment, there were only a few drugs to treat Hair loss problem. With the arrival of laser hair treatment, there is now an effective, non-drug Hair growth treatment available even at urban areas at an affordable cost. There are 3 phases in Laser hair treatment. They are growth, resting and shedding. Laser Hair Treatment helps human to increase the blood flow to the scalp, decreasing inflammation of the scalp, stimulating cell metabolism, inhibiting the effects of protein-blocking enzymes, help grow fuller, Shinier, thicker, softer hair. Low-Level Laser therapy is non-invasive and gives no side effects approved by FDA. It increases the strength of the hair and its elasticity. It delivers light energy on hair follicles. It is painless and non-toxic. Knowing these enormous benefits of Low-Level Laser Technology International practitioners are using this exclusively for Hair growth treatment. At Adityan Skin clinic, they use this Laser Technology to give their patients fruitful result with pain-free treatment. To know more About Adityan Skin and Hair Laser Centre surf on this link To book an appointment call 73 73 163 000.

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