Wednesday 21 November 2018

Incredible Facts to Know About Our Skin

Incredible Facts to Know About Our Skin

Hi friends, there are many incredible facts to know about our skin which we should definitely know. Our skin is made of protein called Keratin. Skin is the  largest organ in body. Skin covers the total body weight of person by 15%. Skin has three layers Epidermis, Dermis, Subcutaneous tissues. The skin on  your eyelids is just about 0.2mm thick. Skin plays a important immunity role in protecting the body against germs. So Maintain healthy and glowing skin is very important. In Rainy season you may suffer from various skin problems or skin allergies. If you rub the allergy continously it will make a serious problem in future. So to avoid that consult a dermatologist from Best Skin Clinic in Theni gives you the best solution for all kind of skin problems and allergies.

Healthy skin is essential for all human beings as it protects from the sunrays especially ultraviolet rays from the sun which damages our cells in body. Our healthy skin produces Vitamin D when exposed to sun, Vitamin D is essential for many body functions. Healthy skin also helps our body to keep its temperature at a constant level. To maintain a healthy skin follow these five steps:

1)  Protect yourself from sun -  To protect from sun use sunscreen, wear protective clothing
2)  Don't smoke or drink alcohol- Avoid bad habits like smoking, alcohol consuming which damages our skin cells.
3)  Treat your skin gently- Take bath daily, moisturize your dry skin using moisturizer which contain SPF.
4)  Eat a healthy diet- Take a healthy and balanced diet
5)  Manage stress- Uncontrolled stress can make your skin more sensitive so take steps to control your stress by sleeping of eight hours.

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