Friday 23 November 2018

Symptoms and Solution for Psoriasis

Symptoms and Solution for Psoriasis

Hi friends, do you know Psoriasis is a dangerous condition? Yes, Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition which is characterized by red, scaly plaques that can itch, crack and bleed which may cause severe conditions. But you can treat your psoriasis problem at an early stage @ Psoriasis Treatment In Theni that gives you the best solution for Psoriasis problem. People with dry skin may have patches purple in colour. Injury or wounds to the skin can trigger psoriasis skin changes at that spot of the skin which is known as the Koebner phenomenona. 
There are five types of Psoriasis:

1) Plaque
2) Guttate
3) Inverse
4) Pustular
5) Erythrodermic

Generally Psoriasis is to be considered as genetic disease that is triggered by environmental factors. Now let us some symptoms, causes for Psoriasis and solution for it.

Symptoms for Psoriasis:

1) Scaly red patches of Skin.
2) Dry and cracked skin prone to bleeding flaky skin.
3) Itching and burning in the affected area.
4) Soreness in the affected area.
5) Discolored, ridged and thickened nails.
6) Swollen and stiff joints.
7) Flaky skin

Causes for Psoriasis

The Main Causes of Psoriasis is

1) Stress
2) Injury to the skin
3) Skin Infection
4) Malfunctioning Immune System
5) Vitamin D deficiency
6) Smoking


Prevention Is Better Than Cure, Maintain healthy skin is very important to prevent your skin from skin related problems like skin allergy, skin infections, Acne, Pimple, Psoriasis etc.... The best solution for Psoriasis is Adityan Skin Care and Hair Clinic - Psoriasis Treatment in Theni. visit Adityan Skin Care and Hair Clinic for quick cure from Psoriasis. Call us 7373 163 000 to get an appointment from Dr.Adityan.

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