Friday 2 November 2018



Hey guys, your health condition can be measured using your hair fall. If you see any hairs on the pillow or while in a shower, then it is time for a medical checkup. Losing about 100 hairs a day is simply common when combing your hair or just doing nothing. When hair falls, new hairs grow and replace them. This is the routine of our hair. But if you find excessive hair loss, then it is hair fall problem, which should be treated with Hair Fall Treatment In Dindigul. Excessive hair fall can be due to following reasons - genetics, illness, medications, or a poor diet. It will be extremely disturbing and embarrassing which makes us get stressed. If diagnosed right, you can control hair fall within a short period of time.

Proper diet is very essential to have good and healthy hair. Because improper diet is one of the main causes of hair fall for all age people. Also, hair fall may occur due to many nutritional deficiencies, like vitamin A, B12, B6, folic acid, vitamin C, biotin, copper, iron, zinc, etc. Hair fall is said to be a sign of vitamin A deficiency. Lack of proper nourishment for your hair can make them brittle, dry, and with split-ends. Therefore, it is very essential to have a proper and balanced diet to have good, healthy hair and prevent hair loss. You can also follow some simple methods to stop excess hair fall like should not rubbing wet hair continuously as it may break your hair. Also, don't use comb or hairbrush on your wet hair. Also should not tie your hair tightly all the times. Limit the usage of heat producing hair styling tools like hair dryers, hair straighteners, etc.

These are a few things that will help you to get rid of your hair fall. But this won't work all the time, If you find no growth even after these home remedies, then consult at Dr. Adityan's Skin And Hair Laser Centre - the best Hair Fall Treatment In Dindigul. Schedule your appointments with Dr. Adityan @ 7373 163 000 for acne/ a pimple free face and skin. Contact them for your queries @ 7373 163 000 or 7373 140 000 or 7373 141 111. To view more about, visit

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