Friday 2 November 2018

Temple City’s Best Skin Clinic


Temple City’s Best Skin Clinic

Do you know there is a Best Skin Clinic in Madurai?  Dr.Adityan’s Skin Clinic is the best skin clinic in Madurai. Dr.Adityan is the Best Skin Specialist in Madurai. Here are some important things about him
Gold medal during M.D (D.V.L) PG Degree.

Past vice president of Indian association of Dermatologists, venereologists and leprologists- Tamilnadu.

Many national level publications to his name.

First in india to report 'progressive varicella syndrome in pediatric AIDS'- and won the best paper of the year award in 2008..the list goes on! ...

One of the largest, fully equipped, State-of-the art skin and hair clinic in the country.

Our motto is to bring the cutting edge of technology, combined with exemplary clinical acumen in the field of Dermatology to the world's most ancient city.

To be the premier global destination for the treatment of all skin conditions ...

We aim at providing  a specialized skin-care and hair-care through our high standard service and advanced techniques. We provide affordable, easily accessible skin care treatment for any and every type of skin with supremely skilled doctors.

During rainy season there are possibilities of having many skin diseases. The major disease is psoriasis. Nails are at risk of fungal infections during monsoon season. They become discoloured, brittle and dull. Try not to keep long nails during the rainy season as they attract muck, thereby leading to fungal infection. Psorisis is a condition in which red patches start appearing on the skin. There are many other diseases in monsoon they are listed below

Ø  Fungal infections

Ø  Intertrigo

Ø  Ringworms

Ø  Skin rashes

Ø  Eczema

Ø  Scabies

Ø  Athlete’s foot

Dr.Adityan is the Best Skin Specialist In Madurai, provides treatment for all skin and hair related issues with an affordable price. You can get appointment of him by calling this number 7373163000. You can also contact using these mobile number +917333 163 000. Dr.Adityan  Skin Clinic is located in Andalpuram bus stop Thiyagarajar School Madurai - 625002.

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